Tips for First-Time Flyers on a Private Jet

When you want an excellent flying experience, you might instinctively buy a first-class ticket with a commercial airline. You may be surprised to learn that conventional first-class travel has declined in recent years. Conversely, flying private has never been more popular — in 2022 alone, the number of private flights increased by 11% compared to the previous year. Part of this shift is due to safety-related concerns that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other contributing factors include better amenities, time savings, and reduced travel stress.

If you’re familiar with traveling via commercial aircraft, you may be unsure of what to expect on your first charter flight. It’s beneficial to prepare yourself before you board. This first-time flyers guide will help you make your experience as smooth as possible — and prepare you for your next journey.

What to Expect When Flying on a Private Jet

Various differences exist between private jets and commercial airlines. Private flights offer a degree of luxury and comfort that traditional first-class cabins simply lack. Some differences you should expect when making your first private flight include:

Flexibility and Convenience

Unlike commercial airlines, private jets do not require you to wait in long lines or go through invasive security checks only to get in another line to board the aircraft. While you’d have to arrive at a commercial airport hours before your departure, you can check in to your private flight and begin your journey within an hour of departure. Because private jets are much smaller than commercial aircraft, you can avoid dealing with the chaos of a large commercial airport.

Additionally, most private flights allow you to bring your pets into the cabin with you rather than storing them in the cargo hold as you would have to on many commercial flights. Wherever you are flying, you can be sure your cherished companion is as comfortable as you.

Once you land, you also avoid the wait of visiting baggage claim or dealing with lost luggage. When you fly private, you can receive your bags immediately upon landing.

Onboard Luxuries

Flying first class was once the peak of aviation luxury, but these days are no more. Today, private aircraft have surpassed their commercial rivals in comfort, convenience, and style.

While private jets are smaller than commercial aircraft, they’re far more spacious inside. You and your traveling companions have the entire cabin to yourselves, with ample legroom and space between seats. Additionally, charter jets can feature high-quality leather recliners, perfect for lying back and unwinding.

Other advantages of flying private include:

  • Wi-Fi: Complimentary Wi-Fi is available on most private jets, so you can use your devices for work or entertainment as you please.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy your favorite snacks, beverages, and meals on a charter jet. Simply ask, and your crew will do their utmost to grant your wish.
  • Catering: Speak to your Charter Sales Concierge to arrange catering for your flight. They’ll provide delicious menu options based on your food preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • Entertainment: If you would like entertainment during the flight, your crew can certainly accommodate your request. Whether you enjoy music, specific shows, games, or even live entertainment, you have the freedom to make your private flight your unique experience.
  • Safety: In addition to holding the proper licensure required to fly, your pilot and crew are familiar with their specific aircraft. You can trust that your traveling party is in capable, reliable hands.

Of course, many of these benefits are specific to the charter operator you choose to fly with. Before booking a flight, conduct thorough research on each operator in your area and speak to a representative about any questions you have.

Jet Etiquette Tips for Your First Private Flight

Once you’ve finished chartering your flight, you’re well on your way to a travel experience unlike any other. However, there are actions you can take to maximize your trip. Here are some private jet etiquette tips to help you ensure your first charter flight is as smooth as possible.

Before Boarding

While flying private is quite different from flying via commercial airlines, you should still make sure you have everything you need in advance. Preparations to make before your flight include:

Before Boarding

  • Arrival: While you don’t need to go through baggage claim or extensive security checks to board a private jet, you should aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to check in and make sure everything is settled. If you need to arrive earlier, you may relax in the airport’s private terminals or VIP lounges.
  • Documents: Be prepared to show your government-issued ID as well as any other forms of personal identification you used when you booked the flight.
  • Luggage: You can usually bring more on a private jet than you can on most commercial flights, but you should confirm with your charter operator first. If needed, they can arrange a larger aircraft for you.
  • Pets: If you’re traveling with pets, you must bring their vet records with you and ensure they meet the requirements for your destination.
  • Catering: If you have any dietary restrictions or you would like to make a special request, make sure to communicate all catering needs at least 48 hours in advance.

During Your Flight

On a private flight, you get total control over who flies with you. Whether you are flying by yourself or you’re with a group, you’re free to spend your flight as you please — chatting with your traveling companions, getting some work done, or resting your eyes in peace and quiet.

Some tips for a great flight experience include:

  • Safety: After boarding, you should expect the crew to provide a pre-flight safety briefing that walks you through everything you’ll need to know for a safe flight, including emergency protocols. Be sure to pay attention and thank the crew after this message.
  • Dress code: While charter operators do not require you to dress any certain way, it is a good idea to dress for the occasion you are traveling for. For example, if you are on a business trip, you should dress accordingly.
  • Behavior: Your crew takes special care to meet your needs and expectations, so it is only fitting that you respect their efforts during your flight. Follow the rules and be courteous to your crew, and you should have a wonderful journey.
  • Entertainment: While Wi-Fi is available on most private jets, it’s always a good idea to pre-download any games, movies or other entertainment before your flight. That way you are ready if there is a poor connection, weather, or other interference with the Wi-Fi.

Finally, if you would like to tip the crew, you may — while tips are never expected, they are appreciated, especially if you feel you received exceptional service. You may find yourself flying with the same crew again in the future.

Thanks to such attentive service, you’ll disembark at your destination feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for your activities on the ground.

Book Your First Private Flight With Latitude 33 Aviation

Book Your First Private Flight With Latitude 33 Aviation

At Latitude 33 Aviation, we are honored to welcome new travelers. Whether you’re taking a well-deserved vacation or flying to a major business summit, rely on us to get you there.

Our experienced crews will make your first time flying on a private jet an enjoyable experience, wherever you are traveling. Request a quote today, or contact us for more information.

Do Private Jets Have Flight Attendants? 

Flight attendants are a staple of air travel. When chartering a private jet, knowing if your aircraft comes with flight attendants can ensure you are getting the flight experience you want.

The availability of flight attendants on a private jet will depend on the company you charter the aircraft. At Latitude 33 Aviation, you can request flight attendants for your chartered jet on any aircraft except for our light jet options. Additionally, a cabin attendant is included in your charter for CL-605 aircraft flights.

The Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet With a Flight Attendant

When considering whether you should request flight attendants for your private aircraft, knowing what they can add to your experience can highlight if flight attendants will meet your needs. They can improve the experience of many passengers flying on private jets with their various services, including:

  • Addressing passenger needs: Flight attendants offer many in-flight services to passengers to enhance their comfort and enjoyment. They can provide refreshments, from snacks and drinks to meals and luxury beverages. When you need assistance accessing in-flight services, like entertainment or rest, flight attendants can ensure you get the full experience of your private jet.
  • Working as a liaison between passengers and pilots: When flight attendants can manage passenger needs and safety procedures, pilots can better focus on flying the aircraft. Flight attendants will communicate with pilots and passengers to pass messages and keep passengers informed. This system allows pilots to increase safety and comfort while improving knowledge for passengers. Flight attendants can answer passenger questions about the plane and its features and they can also make announcements about turbulence or updated arrival times.
  • Streamlining onboarding and disembarking: Flight attendants have many skills, including customer service and assistance. Whether your party has elderly or disabled passengers who need more assistance or you want efficient onboarding and disembarking processes, flight attendants know the best practices to enhance safety and speed. They can help store bulky luggage and help individuals to their seats.
  • Speaking multiple languages: Flight attendants often have unique skills suited for frequent world travelers and working with many types of people. Many flight attendants speak multiple languages, especially with such language diversity across the country. If you have passengers who speak other languages, having a crew of flight attendants can enhance their experience and keep them informed and safe.

Each flight attendant has a mix of helpful skills that can enhance the passenger’s experience on a private jet. With fewer passengers to serve than on commercial flights, passengers can receive assistance and attention more efficiently to better meet their interests and enhance comfort.

Private Jet Flight Attendant Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in investing in a flight crew for your private aircraft, getting answers to your questions can help you determine if this solution is right for you. While some factors might depend on your chosen aircraft and charter company, other decisions might depend on personal preferences and flight attendant capabilities.

1. Which Aircraft Include Flight Attendants?

When you choose Latitude 33 Aviation, you can customize your private aircraft experience by requesting flight attendants. This option is available for our midsize, super-midsize and heavy jets. Please note that while flight attendants are not commonly requested for light aircraft, we are open to accommodating such requests based on individual preferences.

Which Aircraft Include Flight Attendants?

If you charter our Challenger 605 jet, a cabin attendant comes with your contract. However, cabin attendants have different responsibilities than flight attendants. Our cabin attendants are not required to receive safety training, so if you want flight attendants for the increased safety perks, you should consider requesting additional flight crews for this heavy aircraft.

2. How Many Flight or Cabin Attendants Will There Be on My Charter Flight?

You’ll need to request flight or cabin attendants when flying on Latitude 33 Aviation private jets. However, you can request multiple attendants to provide the level of assistance you need for you and your guests. Especially if you have comprehensive needs or more guests on board, having multiple flight attendants can ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the flight.

3. Can I Add a Cabin or Flight Attendant to My Jet Charter?

When it comes to the service on our private jets, it’s important to note the distinction between “flight attendants” and “cabin attendants.” Our dedicated team of cabin attendants is specially trained to cater to your needs and enhance your in-flight experience. Unlike traditional airline roles, their primary focus is on your comfort and enjoyment. Our Flight Charter Concierge Sales at Latitude 33 Aviation is here to guide you in making the right choice for your journey.

4. What Services Will a Cabin Attendant Provide During My Flight?

Cabin attendants can offer various services to passengers on private jets, making them valuable assets that can increase your flight enjoyment. While each private jet charter company’s cabin attendants will offer different services, the ones provided by the cabin attendants partnered with Latitude 33 Aviation include the following:

  • Offering food and beverage services: Whether you have a short flight along the coast or are traveling across the country, food and beverage services can keep passengers satisfied and ready to arrive at your destination. Our cabin attendants can also prepare catering options to fit dietary needs and restrictions to create a safer environment for your guests and loved ones.
  • Creating custom environments: Cabin attendants are well-versed in hospitality, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for passengers embarking on a chartered private jet. Further, they can follow instructions to develop the flight environment you need, whether you are entertaining friends or hosting business partners. Some examples of these services include providing magazines, newspapers, welcome displays or floral arrangements.
  • Preparing bedding for overnight flights: Overnight flights benefit many travelers, allowing you to arrive at your destination in the morning to optimize your time there. However, commercial flights can create uncomfortable environments where passengers can’t sleep. Instead, our cabin attendants can arrange and prepare bedding for a comfortable, restful flight.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the cabin: The quality of our aircraft is important to us. A clean cabin is essential for ensuring a comfortable and safe environment. Our cabin attendants work to clean up messes and restock supplies for a clean flight without any complications.

5. How Much Do Cabin Attendants Cost?

Cabin attendants are available upon request for your Latitude 33 Aviation aircraft for an additional fee. Cabin attendants cost about $1000 per day on your chartered flight. For many individuals, the comprehensive services and benefits cabin attendants add to flights help balance the additional expenses of hiring them for private jets.

Charter a Private Jet With Latitude 33 Aviation

Charter a Private Jet With Latitude 33 Aviation

Private jets can provide the privacy, comfort and services individuals value when traveling. Latitude 33 Aviation offers comprehensive chartering services, allowing you to choose the aircraft size and services that best fit your needs. With options to travel to several cities and locations, you can travel across the country for work and pleasure with us.

Contact us today to learn more about flying with Latitude 33 Aviation and our cabin attendants.

Flying Private With Pets 

For many, traveling with pets might seem challenging. Many pet owners submit to driving with their pets, restricting where they can go. Private jets can open new travel opportunities to pet owners who want a safe and comfortable option for their pets.

Can I Take My Dog on a Private Jet?

Each charter company has different regulations and stances, but most private jets allow you to bring pets on board. While passengers often bring their dogs, many charter companies have expanded their options to allow other pets, like cats, hamsters, and even birds. Further, private jets often have the room and flexibility to bring multiple pets.

Since different charter companies have different policies, contact the company to check if they allow flying with pets. Latitude 33 Aviation welcomes pets on flights following owner approval, and as long as they’re up-to-date on their vaccinations and have the appropriate documentation. You will need to notify our charter team in advance that you are flying with a pet so that they can match you with the correct aircraft.

4 Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Charter Flight

While you can bring pets on commercial flights, it often involves putting them in the cargo hold with the luggage or sedating them with medication. Pet owners can instead look to private jets for an alternative way to travel with their pets.

1. Less Traumatic and More Peace of Mind

Commercial air travel can be traumatic and stressful for pets and their owners. Pets, especially larger ones, have to travel in the cargo hold. It can be very loud down there with drastic temperature changes and moving objects. Owners are then left in the unknown about their pet’s condition until they can retrieve them at landing. If airlines allow pets to stay with owners, they might have to remain under the seat or in their carriers for the entire flight.

Leaving pets behind can also be traumatic. Sitters, kennels, or daycares can leave pets stressed as they navigate unfamiliar environments or interact with unknown individuals. The presence of other animals might cause them to get defensive and aggressive, increasing their stress further.

Instead, private jets allow owners to stay with their pets at all times. You can constantly monitor your pet’s condition and take adequate measures to calm them.

2. Safer for the Animal

Airports might mishandle animal carriers, leaving animals at exposed risk of injuries. Stressful environments can lead to potential health issues. On private jets, you can care for your pet and ensure they stay safe throughout your travels.

3. More Comfortable

While aircraft cargo holds can get cold, the cabins are temperature-controlled and comfortable. The increased flexibility and space that comes with private jets can allow even larger pets like dogs to move around and stretch their legs on certain flights. Many pet owners bring blankets when flying on private jets so their pets have somewhere comfortable to sit and relax.

4. More Travel Options

Private travel offers more flexibility than commercial airlines. When flying commercially, you must adhere to their requirements, schedules, and availability. Chartering a jet allows you to choose your destination, time, and date so you can travel in a way that best benefits your pet and their schedule.

How to Prepare for a Private Flight With Your Pet

Traveling with pets requires more preparation than traveling alone. Before your trip, ensure you have everything ready to give your pet a smooth transition and travel experience.

1. Go to the Vet for Paperwork and Medications

Go to the Vet for Paperwork and Medications

Most airlines and state governments require pet owners to carry the proper documents and paperwork before flying with pets, even when chartering a private jet. To fly with your pet, you must obtain a certification of vet inspection from your vet. This certification will verify to airports and flight crews that your pet is current on all their vaccines and shows no signs of other diseases.

Usually, you have to obtain this certification within 10 days of your travel date. The vet issuing the certification must be federally accredited. Each state and country have additional requirements about flying and traveling with pets to reduce the spread of diseases, so you should check what your destination has set before traveling.

While at the vet, you can also refill any necessary prescriptions and medications for your pet’s health. Vets can also provide insight into good care and products to use while flying for a better experience while traveling on a jet with your pet.

2. Keep Necessary Documents Safe and Accessible

While private flying allows you to stay with your pet, you should carry identification documents with you at all times. You should include records with your pet’s current picture and contact information. You can also have another emergency contact. Store this information somewhere you can access it easily, along with your vet and medical documents.

If your pet has a microchip, update it with your address and contact information. If your pet gets separated from you anytime during travel, this information can help you reunite with them.

3. Limit Food and Water Before Flights

Private jets might allow more movement and freedom than commercial flights, but they will still be more confining than your pet’s usual environment. They will have fewer opportunities to release energy or relieve themselves. Before your flight, avoid giving too much water and food.

Especially if your pet gets nervous during your travels, too much food can make them feel nauseous. Private flights will allow you to bring food and offer water to your pet while flying, so your pet will still get the nutrients they need.

You can invest in a travel pad to allow your pet to relieve themselves while flying, which can benefit pets traveling long distances.

4. Exercise Your Pet Before Boarding

Because of the limited room and movement, you should exercise your pet as much as possible before boarding. You might walk them through terminals or around the landing strip if possible. Letting your pet roam around before putting them in their crate can release energy and better prepare them for extended periods in one place. Especially if you have a large dog on a private jet, there may not be much space where they can walk on their regular schedule.

5. Bring Comfort and Entertainment Items

While pet charter flights are often more comfortable for animals than commercial flights, unexpected turbulence and an unfamiliar environment can cause some stress to pets. Pet owners can prepare for potential stress by bringing comfort items, like a blanket or toy they love. Additionally, hyperactive animals can benefit from entertainment through toys, giving them a safe way to release their energy.

Travel With Your Fur Friend With Latitude 33 Aviation

Fly With Your Furry Friend With Latitude 33 Aviation

With Latitude 33 Aviation, passengers can bring their pets aboard chartered private jets. Your pets can stay with you in the cabin, where you can care for them and ensure their safety throughout your travels.

Request a quote today and discover a new way to travel with your pet through Latitude 33 Aviation.

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