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Experience the finest in air travel with Latitude 33 Aviation, Southern California’s premier company for private jet charter, aircraft management, and aircraft sales. We offer the epitome of luxury and lifestyle, with top aircraft and dedicated services for every client.

Our variety of aircraft services has made Latitude 33 a trusted partner in private aviation. We help our clients with many aspects of flying a private charter, including aircraft charter leases and brokerage services.

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Our Aviation Services

To provide a higher level of service to clients in and around San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and multiple other locations, Latitude 33 specializes in exceptional personal service, day and night charter aircraft availability, customized aircraft management programs, and expert guidance in buying new and pre-owned aircraft. Our primary services include:

Private Jet Charter Flights for Leisure

Fly on a private jet for your next pleasure excursion for comfort and relaxation. When you arrive at the airport, you can bypass the security lines and board your jet, so your getaway can start immediately. During your flight, indulge in our personal services to meet your every need. Your private jet experience is tailored to you for the ultimate VIP treatment.

Ski the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, dine on Cajun cuisine in New Orleans, Louisiana, or soak up the sun in Maui, Hawaii — any place you want to go, Latitude 33 can take you there. We can fly to many locations around the world, including smaller airports that may be closer to your destination. Our expansive destination possibilities open your travel itinerary and offer the chance to explore the hidden gems in the U.S. and beyond.

Flying for Business in Private Jets

Private jet charters for business allow you to focus on your work — Latitude 33 will take care of everything else. Unlike commercial flights, private jet charters will give you quiet and privacy. You and your colleagues can prepare for your business meeting or collaborate on a project as we fly you to your destination. Many options in our jet fleet have in-flight productivity options available, such as Wi-Fi.

Premier Aircraft Fleet for Luxury and Style

Among charter flight companies in the USA, we have the largest and newest fleet of light, midsize, and super-midsize aircraft available. Every jet option is top of the line for the elite traveler's comfort. When you fly an aircraft charter flight with Latitude 33, you can fly in:

All of our charter aircraft options are lavish and upscale. Our jets are engineered for your comfort, with features such as luxury seating, refreshment centers, lavatories, and in-flight access to baggage.


Benefits of Our Elite Aviation Support

Latitude 33 Aviation offers the expertise and guidance to make aircraft management, charter, and acquisition and sales more personal and enjoyable. Our professionals specialize in creating private charter flights that make luxury travel your new standard, and they likewise assist with aircraft acquisition, management, and brokerage services in order to make aircraft ownership a smooth and stress-free process.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Comprehensive aviation services: We are your one-stop resource for a wealth of aircraft services, offering professional guidance on aircraft acquisitions, management, or charters.
  • Unmatched customer service: Our highly qualified and extensively trained crew members provide dedicated customer service to meet your every need.
  • Flying with the best: Have peace of mind knowing you are flying with the industry's most experienced aviation professionals. We are part of the exclusive top 5% of private jet operators that have received the industry’s highest safety rating and have more than 40,000 safely operated flights.
  • 24/7 fleet management: Our fleet management is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for constant care of your valuable jet.
  • Seamless chartering, ownership, and acquisition: Latitude 33 has the ability to make aircraft charters, ownership, or acquisitions seamless for clients, providing all three services under one roof.
  • More destination options: With access to thousands of additional airports that commercial airlines don’t use, you can truly fly anywhere you want in the world.

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