Turboprop Private Aircraft

Turboprop Private Aircraft

Turboprop private aircraft is the perfect option for short-distance getaways. The fuel efficiency, short takeoff field length, and cargo capacity allow you to take off and land on shorter runways without having to worry about having too much baggage. Quick trips from San Diego to Palm Springs, or Los Angeles to Las Vegas, are possible in a turboprop aircraft with Latitude 33 Aviation.

Functionality and Comfort

Turboprop private aircraft are designed with an efficient traveler in mind. Due to the turboprop engines, these aircraft are more fuel-efficient than light jets, making them a better option for short-distance charter flights. They can utilize shorter runways for takeoff and landing, so you’ll be able to fly in and out of smaller airports, getting you closer to your destination. Most turboprop aircraft have versatile seating arrangements, allowing you to comfortably seat up to 11 passengers, or remove seats to store extra cargo.

Turboprop Private Aircraft Fleet for Charter

A turboprop private aircraft is an efficient charter option. Turboprop options include:

Fly With Latitude 33 Aviation

Enjoy the conveniences of flying a private flight with Latitude 33. We operate out of many popular airports across the United States, giving you the freedom to fly anywhere, including small airports commercial flights cannot access. Our turboprop private aircraft are new and elite, so you can enjoy luxury at every moment.

View our aircraft options and request your charter flight. If you travel often, you might also consider purchasing your own private aircraft. Contact us to learn more about our jet sales and acquisition services.