Light Private Jets

A Latitude 33 Aviation Phenom 300 model private jet side profile on the runway as the sun sets or rises.

Light Private Jets

With cabin and luggage space for up to eight passengers, the light private jets on Latitude 33 Aviation’s fleet are the perfect option for short-distance family vacations and business ventures. Our charter flights aboard a small private jet allow you to experience a luxurious flight tailored to your specifications.

Many Amenities for Your Flight

From the moment you step on board your small cabin jet until you land at your destination, you’ll experience our top amenities, designed to meet all of your needs. The leather seats are plush and comfortable and they can recline if you’d like to rest. The small refreshment center is stocked with your beverages of choice and delicious snacks suited to your tastes. You’ll also enjoy access to limited electronics and a private lavatory.

Small Private Aircraft Fleet for Charter

Latitude 33’s light private jets are an elite charter option. No matter which aircraft you book, it will take you anywhere you need to go, including smaller airports due to its shorter takeoff requirements. Our selection includes some of the top jets available, such as:

Fly With Latitude 33 Aviation
Enjoy the conveniences of flying a private flight with Latitude 33. We operate out of many popular airports across the United States, giving you the freedom to fly anywhere, including small airports commercial flights cannot access. Our small private jets are new and elite, so you can enjoy luxury at every moment. View our aircraft options and request your charter flight today. If you travel often, you might also consider purchasing your own private jet. Contact us today to learn more about our jet sales and acquisition services.
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