What Size Charter Jet Should You Book?

Private aircraft are the peak of luxury and comfort for your travel needs. Whether you’re a business executive looking to impress your clients or you want to take to the skies with your family and friends in style, a private jet charter will give you the experience you desire.

You have several options to consider when flying private. Private jet capacity, size, speed, and range are some of the factors that will affect your decision of which aircraft is right for you. Before choosing your private jet, be sure to analyze your precise needs and educate yourself on the incredible charter jets that are available.

Types of Private Jets

Types of Private Jets

Several private jet models exist for you to choose from for your next trip. Determining the charter jet size that suits your needs best is the first step in making sure you choose the right aircraft for your travels.

1. Turboprop

A turboprop is not categorized as a jet, but its propeller is driven by a turbine engine — as opposed to a piston engine that a regular propeller aircraft uses. Turboprops like the Pilatus PC-12 NGX and the Beechcraft King Air 360 give you the opportunity to enjoy many of the benefits of private flying at the most cost-effective rates available.

Due to their smaller size, turboprop aircraft are more fuel efficient than light jets. They also have a range of about 1,800 nautical miles (nm), so they are ideal for short-distance flights.

Turboprops do lack extra facilities such as bathrooms, but just one of the many benefits of these aircraft is you can access places that larger aircraft could never reach. These include airports with smaller runways — which are far more common than large, commercial airports and allow you to get even closer to your destination.

Additionally, many turboprop aircraft have seating arrangements that can accommodate up to 11 passengers, or seats can be removed if you need to transport extra cargo instead. Turboprops provide an affordable, versatile option for your short-distance travel needs.

2. Light Jets

Light private jets maintain many of the same characteristics as other smaller aircraft with some added features. Light jets like the Cessna Citation M2 and the supremely popular Embraer Phenom 300 allow you and an average of seven other passengers to fly private in comfort and confidence. With flight ranges reaching beyond 2,100 nm, you can reach your destination quickly and affordably. Traveling in a light jet gives you access to the hundreds of smaller airports across the country as well.

Light jets also give you some of the amenities you expect in private air travel. These include:

  • Comfortable, plush leather seats.
  • A small refreshment center.
  • A limited supply of electronics.
  • A private lavatory.

3. Midsize Jets

When it comes to private jet charter flights, booking a midsize jet is a great option if you want to travel longer distances without upgrading to the truly luxurious features available in larger aircraft. Midsize jets like the Bombardier Learjet 60, the Cessna Citation XLS+, and the Hawker 800XP provide comfortable, spacious cabins if you are looking for more headroom. With travel ranges reaching 2,700 nm as seen in the Cessna Citation Latitude, you can fly those extra few hundred miles without exceeding your budget.

You and up to 11 other passengers can fly in comfort and privacy in a midsize jet. Enjoy amenities like a private bathroom, reclining seats, a fully stocked snack and drink bar, fold-down tables, and Wi-Fi access. Midsize jets even have room for a cabin attendant to help make your flight even more comfortable for its duration.

4. Super-Midsize Jets

Super-midsize private jets maintain everything people love about midsize jets while taking them to the next level of what it means to fly private. Here are a few of the upgrades you could experience in a super-midsize jet:

  • Larger cabin space: Even taller passengers can stand and walk around in comfort in super-midsize jets like the Bombardier Challenger 300 which boasts a 73-inch-tall cabin.
  • Longer flying range: Fly farther in a super-midsize jet like the Cessna Citation Longitude which has a range of up to 3,500 nm.
  • Comfortable amenities: Larger lavatories, lie-down sleeping accommodations, and a galley stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks are some of the wonderful amenities that await you on a super-midsize private jet.
  • Advanced avionics: Experience a higher level of comfort thanks to the advanced avionics on super-midsize jets, which enable smoother, quieter flights.

5. Heavy Jets

Flying in a heavy charter jet is an elite experience. First-class seats, large amounts of legroom, and pull-out tabletops are standard fare when you get into the heavy jet category. Besides these comforts, you’ll have access to amenities such as a larger bathroom, a cabin attendant operating a full-service galley to provide delicious catering options, conference rooms, and even multiple lie-flat sleeping options for overnight flights. With cabin widths up to 98 inches and heights up to 74 inches, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Heavy jets also offer a superior travel capacity, as seen in the Gulfstream G550 with its 6,750 nm range and its ability to accommodate up to 19 passengers. Other great heavy jet options include the Bombardier Challenger 605 and the Bombardier Challenger 650.

When you travel in a private aircraft from the right charter company, you get to experience a new level of sophistication in air travel.

How Do You Choose Which Size Charter Jet to Book?

With all the options available to you for private air travel, how do you decide which type of charter jet is the right choice? The best way to find your solution is to consider your travel needs. In some cases, your choice may be easier than ever as some of your requirements will disqualify some private jet models from your shortlist.

Here are the factors you should consider.

Number of Passengers

The number of individuals you wish to travel with plays a large role in determining which size of charter jet is right for you. For instance, if you need to travel with nine other family members or coworkers, a private jet with four seats will be inadequate. Even trying to fit nine people in an aircraft equipped to handle a maximum of eight passengers will not work. Plus, the more room everyone has, the more comfortable your flight will be for all on board.

This is the base rule you should follow when choosing a private jet: The more passengers flying, the bigger the jet you should charter. A group of 10 or more passengers will most likely need a midsize jet or larger. If you’re traveling solo, then flying in a turboprop or a light jet could be ideal. For the largest flying parties, you’ll want to go with a heavy jet for maximum comfort and safety.

The Distance You Need to Travel

Your traveling distance has the potential to reduce your list of aircraft options regardless of the number of passengers you’re bringing with you. If you’re by yourself, and you need to travel to a business meeting in a neighboring state, you can probably travel via turboprop or light jet. If your business meeting is on the opposite coast of the continental United States, however, then you will need at least a super-midsize jet to make the flight without stopping to refuel, even if you’re traveling alone.

Your Destination

You’ll need to keep your destination in mind when choosing your jet as well. Your destination affects your charter jet decision in two ways:

  • Different destinations lead to different range needs: Flying from Philadelphia to New York City, for example, is going to be a much shorter trip than flying from Philadelphia to Kansas City.
  • Different destinations have different airport requirements: Many times, a business meeting could take you to a remote location, hours from the nearest commercial airport. A turboprop up to a midsize jet can land on a smaller runway with ease. This rules out heavier aircraft from your list of options, and you should plan accordingly. If your destination is near a commercial airport, then you can plan on flying in a heavier aircraft if that’s what you need.

The Charter Company’s Fleet

One consideration that can quickly expand or reduce your list of private jet options is the charter company’s fleet. Every private jet charter company will have a fleet of aircraft ready to take you to your destination. But the aircraft available are subject to change, depending on the season, the demand, and the charter company’s own business model.

In the end, you’ll have to choose a charter company that has the right aircraft for you, or you’ll take your business to a company that does. To keep all your options open and stay flexible, be sure to partner with a charter company with an extensive fleet containing aircraft of all sizes and specifications.

Desired or Necessary Aircraft Features

Each type of private jet has its own set of features. You may be looking for basic necessities like a private lavatory, comfortable legroom, and onboard Wi-Fi. Maybe you want more luxurious accommodations like private bed chambers, the ability to cater full meals, and private office spaces. Perhaps you want to make your passengers comfortable with a larger cabin so people can stand and walk around.

Whatever specifications you’re looking for, you should remember that your desired aircraft features may cross off certain options on your list. Do your research early so you can book your private charter jet with confidence.

What You Intend to Do While Aboard

When choosing a private charter jet, consider the activities you plan on doing while aboard. If you’re a business executive, then you know that time is money. You may plan on staying productive while in the air, especially if you’ll be flying for several hours. In that case, you’ll need features including Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a fold-down table or desk. If you’re traveling in a large group, then more private space could also be crucial.

If you’re taking to the skies to host a party for friends, family, or employees, then a heavy jet might be your best option. That way, you’ll have the space for all your guests to relax, mingle, and celebrate in comfort — and maybe even have a place to sleep when the party concludes.

Your Budget

When it comes to deciding on a way to spend your money, every checklist must include a reminder to consider your budget.

It all comes down to your individual budget and how much money you can spend on an aircraft that suits your needs. It’s your travel experience, and you deserve to enjoy it while keeping your expenses in mind.

Are There Benefits to Flying Private Regardless of Charter Jet Size?

Flying private has incredible benefits that are impossible to experience on a commercial airliner. When you travel in a private aircraft from the right charter company, you get to experience a new level of sophistication in air travel. From enhanced privacy and heightened productivity to lavish accommodations and top-of-the-line entertainment, you’ll feel the benefits of your decision to fly private from the moment you board.

You’ll also enjoy a closer connection to your destination. With a smaller aircraft, you can reach locations a larger aircraft never could. You’ll also be able to skip waiting in long lines at airports and missing flights since your private charter jet will be waiting for your arrival. There are no Transportation Security Administration (TSA) inspections, either. Flying private air charter lets you skip the uncertainty of commercial air travel and helps you regain control of your schedule and your flying experience.

Request a Charter Flight With Latitude 33 Aviation

Request a Charter Flight With Latitude 33 Aviation

When you’re ready to experience what flying private has to offer, choose Latitude 33 Aviation as your charter jet company. Since 2006, we’ve been offering best-in-class charter services to provide our valued customers with the service and treatment they expect when they fly private. Our leadership team consists of current, professional pilots, so you can know you’re experiencing the height of private jet flying.

If you’re interested in our services for a charter flight, we encourage you to request a quote today. You can also contact us online for more information. We look forward to serving you!

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