Super-Midsize Private Jets

Super-Midsize Private Jets

With space for up to 11 passengers and a variety of amenities, super-midsize private jets are an elite way to fly. Whether you are traveling to a business conference or jetting off on a tropical vacation, Latitude 33 will take you to your destination in comfort and style.

Luxurious Amenities Tailored to You

Latitude 33 Aviation is dedicated to creating a personalized flying experience. Once you board one of our elite super-midsize jets, you will enjoy all that this aircraft has to offer. Its amenities are more luxurious than other options.

These aircraft have a larger refreshment center than other aircraft, stocked with beverages of your choice. During the flight, you may take advantage of our enhanced in-flight work and productivity options to prepare with your team. You can also wind down and relax with our entertainment options. Other favorable amenities include lie-flat sleeping options and in-flight access to baggage.

Super-Midsize Cabin Jets for Charter

Super-midsize aircraft offer more range, capacity, and amenities than midsize jets. Our charter options are no exception to this standard and ensure a VIP flying experience for every traveler. Super-midsize private aircraft include:

Book a Charter Flight in a Super-Midsize Private Jet

For your next business or pleasure excursion, fly in a private jet charter by Latitude 33. Every aspect of your journey will be customized for you, and you can fly to more destinations and airports than possible on a commercial flight.

Browse our jet options and request your charter flight. To purchase a personal private aircraft to enjoy charter flights whenever you desire, contact us about our jet sales and acquisition program.

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