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Private Jet Brokerage Services

Finding a buyer when you have a private aircraft for sale can be a lengthy and frustrating process. The private jet market is limited to begin with, and determining how and where to connect with the largest pool of prospective buyers can be challenging — especially considering that anyone else selling an aircraft is attempting to attract those same prospects. Latitude 33 Aviation’s jet brokerage services are the solution. With decades of experience and a sterling reputation as a private jet broker, we will handle the task of selling your aircraft so you can focus your attention on your core business.

Our customers choose Latitude 33 Aviation for jet brokerage because they know that our turnkey approach to aircraft operations appeals to buyers. Companies and individuals alike who are considering an aircraft purchase are attracted by the comprehensive and personal aircraft management and charter revenue services that Latitude 33 Aviation can provide them after their acquisition.

What is a Private Jet Broker?

An aircraft broker guides you through each step of the private jet sales process from start to finish. This includes the process of finding a prospective buyer and closing on a final sale. It is proactive to hire an aircraft broker when transferring ownership of a private jet from one person to another, as Latitude 33 Aviation works with sellers and buyers to settle on a mutual agreement.

It is important to receive the help of an experienced professional when selling a private jet so you get the most for your original investment. Our aircraft brokerage services make it possible for you to get a competitive price for your aircraft without having to dial phones, perform market research, and acquire the necessary documentation on your own.

Latitude 33 Aviation - Jet Brokerage Services
Latitude 33 Aviation - Jet Brokerage Services

How Do Private Jet Brokers Work?

Latitude 33 Aviation introduces you to one of our jet sales brokers that can determine an appropriate valuation for your aircraft. The goal of our aircraft brokerage services is to locate buyers interested in what your private jet has to offer. We consider factors such as the size of your aircraft, its age, and onboard features to ensure you walk away with a deal that meets your expectations.
The Four Phases of Our Private Jet Sales Process
Although we are based in Southern California, Latitude 33 Aviation regularly completes numerous private jet brokerage agreements across the country. Here’s how we facilitate the sale:


International market analysis and aircraft appraisal.
We use our extensive expertise in the private aircraft market to provide you with the most honest and accurate appraisal of your aircraft. Our up-to-the-minute data on current market conditions help determine the fairest and most beneficial price for you.


Tailored marketing plan, focusing on your aircraft’s most desirable traits.
Latitude 33 Aviation knows what the select few in the market for a private aircraft want, and we work hard to develop a marketing plan that will appeal to the most prospective purchasers, showcasing your aircraft to the widest possible pool of buyers.


Contract negotiations and closing.
With our extensive understanding of the aircraft purchasing process, we can help you navigate the negotiations and competition of your sale with ease. You won’t have to worry about any surprises in the negotiations or at the closing when you choose Latitude 33 Aviation as your aircraft broker.


Post-sale support.
Latitude 33 Aviation provides its entire portfolio of services to your aircraft, facilitating a smooth transition and providing buyers peace of mind.

Reasons to Hire a Private Jet Broker

Private aircraft brokers at Latitude 33 Aviation streamline the buying and selling process so that there are zero mistakes throughout the transaction. Our experts serve as your single point of contact for updates and questions when selling a private jet. Consider Latitude 33 Aviation’s private jet broker services for the following benefits:

          • We seek out potential aircraft buyers beyond your local area.
          • Our aircraft brokers can steer you in the right direction toward offers that meet your goals.
          • Latitude 33 Aviation will organize aircraft inspections for transparency with potential buyers.
          • Sell your private jet faster than completing the process independently.
          • Understand the value of your aircraft compared to other listings on the market.
Saving Private Jet Sellers Time & Stress
At Latitude 33 Aviation, our aircraft brokers are dedicated to selling your private jet in a timeframe that works for you. Whether you are in the market for an updated aircraft model or you plan to travel by private charter in the future, partnering with our professionals helps you to navigate the ever-changing industry of private jet sales. With Latitude 33 Aviation, you can gauge the current value of your aircraft based on current market data. Our aircraft brokers rely on years of industry experience to determine the condition of your private jet and forecast what you can get for your investment in the weeks, months, or years ahead. Rely on Latitude 33 Aviation’s aircraft brokers to communicate with interested buyers, gather aircraft maintenance records, respond to offers, and more.
From Inquiry to Final Signature
At Latitude 33 Aviation, we look at aircraft transactions from an operator’s point of view. We understand that value goes well beyond price and our experts know which details matter. The purchase or sale of an aircraft is a complex process with many pitfalls. Our team achieves better financial results through superior valuations and in-depth oversight of the process. Latitude 33 Aviation provides the guidance and expertise to make aircraft sales and acquisitions an enjoyable experience. Call 1-800-840-0310 to speak with one of our Jet Brokerage experts. You can also get in touch with Latitude 33 Aviation by completing a contact form at your earliest convenience.
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