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Latitude 33 Aviation Delivers Two Aircraft in One Week
Latitude 33 Aviation delivers two aircraft phenom 300 and citation xls exterior


Welcome aboard the two latest aircraft to join our charter fleet – Cessna Citation XLS+ and Embraer Phenom 300

We are excited to announce the addition of two aircraft that were delivered in the same week. Anyone who is casually watching the private aircraft industry or fully engaged in the process of buying and selling private aircraft understands the vast amount of time and energy it takes to deliver an aircraft to a new owner, yet alone to two at the same time. Latitude 33 Aviation’s finely tuned global aircraft sales and acquisition team handles every aspect of the jet acquisition process, starting with a detailed market analysis and ending with aircraft home-base delivery.

The two aircraft to join our fleet are a 2017 Cessna Citation XLS+ and a 2013 Embraer Phenom 300. Both aircraft are based out of Latitude 33 Aviation’s headquarters at McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ) in Carlsbad, CA and are currently available for charter.

The 2017 Cessna Citation XLS+ has a maximum range of 2,100 nautical miles and features seating for 8 passengers. With extra wide, full reclining leather seats, the cabin can transform from a workspace to a comfort lounge. The spacious interior allows for plenty of room for you and your passengers to move around the cabin with ease. This aircraft is Latitude 33 Aviation’s only midsize jet to be available for charter out of McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ).

The addition of the 2013 Phenom 300 makes this the fourth Phenom 300 currently under Latitude 33 Aviation’s management and the third based out of McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA. The Embraer Phenom 300 has a range of 2,010 nautical miles and features seating for up to 8 people. The fit and finish of this aircraft is top notch with neutral cool tones and features forward divan seating.

Latitude 33 Aviation delivers two aircraft phenom 300 and citation xls exterior


At Latitude 33 Aviation, we look at aircraft transactions from an operator’s point of view. We understand that value goes well beyond price and our experts know which details matter. The purchase of an aircraft is a complex process with many pitfalls. Our team achieves better financial results through superior valuations and in-depth oversight of the process. Latitude 33 provides the guidance and expertise to make aircraft acquisitions an enjoyable experience. No matter what stage of private aircraft ownership you’re in, our unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the marketplace make us the one true source for your private jet needs.

Meet the Latest Super-Mid Addition – 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+
Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Exterior


Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to announce the addition of a 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ to its charter fleet. This jet offers increased capacity in the super-midsize aircraft category and provides even more availability for true transcontinental flights while still being excellent on short-range performance. The powerful, range-enhancing winglets on the Sovereign+, combined with the powerful engines, allow the aircraft to whisk charter clients off to even more locations like The Bahamas, New York City, and Miami from its home base in Carlsbad, California. This state-of-the-art super-midsized aircraft will join Latitude 33 Aviation’s fleet of managed and chartered aircraft, bringing the total fleet size to over 30 aircraft, nine of them falling under the super-midsize category.

Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Interior


The Citation Sovereign+ was designed with a maximum range of 3,200 nautical miles. At high-speed cruise, the Sovereign+ delivers a premium passenger experience featuring a completely restyled interior with more fluid cabinetry and enhanced LED lighting to brighten up the cabin. Optimizing cabin comfort for passengers and crew alike, the cabin volume for the Citation Sovereign+ is 571 cubic feet with a layout configuration that features comfortable seating for up to nine passengers. The aircraft’s wireless cabin management system equips each passenger with productive connectivity and entertainment through their personal electronic devices. Clarity cabin-management system integrates the cabin electrical system, avionics, and communications through a fiber-optic backbone. All this to ensure passengers will enjoy every nautical mile in luxurious comfort where the journey becomes as enjoyable as the destination.


Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ New York

New York City

As a center of fashion, finance, creative expression, music, food, and entertainment, New York City is truly unique. Experience “the City that Never Sleeps” with a trip on our 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+.

Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Bahamas

The Bahamas

Fly to the tropical islands of The Bahamas in our 2015 Citation Sovereign+ and explore the most beautiful destination in the Caribbean region. Spend the day on a luxurious beach or try out some fun water actives like snorkeling.

Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Miami


Well-known for its glamorous beaches and beautiful sunny weather, Miami, Florida is the perfect vacation destination year-round. Start your Miami trip with a flight on our 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+

Latitude 33 Aviation Charter Fleet Addition 2015 Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Exterior


This aircraft is a welcomed addition, as Latitude 33 Aviation has seen massive growth in the demand to fly privately. This super-midsize aircraft enables Latitude 33 Aviation to supply that demand, fulfill more charter requests, offer more backup options for when travel plans changes, and reach more locations to service clients.

Solomon Short, Owner and Director of Operations at Latitude 33 Aviation, added, “The hourly price point of this aircraft is the perfect addition to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet as it offers long range capabilities at a rate well below some of its competition. With the private jet travel industry seeing record demand and limited supply, the timely addition of this Sovereign+ allows Latitude 33 Aviation the ability to offer another industry leading solution to our charter customers.” From pre-arrival and in-flight amenities to one-of-a-kind destination experiences, Latitude 33 Aviation curates memorable and customized journeys for passengers. 

2018 Challenger 350 – Factory Acceptance and Private Jet Charter
Challenger 350 Latitude 33 Aviation

Latitude 33 Aviation Accepts 2018 Challenger 350

Redefining the super-midsize category, the Challenger 350 is the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade. Optimally balanced and designed for a smooth ride from takeoff to landing, Latitude 33 Aviation welcomes this 2018, factory-new Challenger 350 to its private jet charter fleet.

About the Aircraft
Based in Orange County, Latitude 33 Aviation’s Challenger 350 is now available for charter and operates full range with full fuel, and at full seat capacity. The best flat cabin in its category, the Challenger 350 offers both a flat floor and in-flight access to the baggage compartment.

Elegance at every seam, the world-class design of the interior features Bombardier’s signature metal trim, foldout tables, and class-leading comfort. A spacious and open cabin is available for you to lie down, stretch out, and safely move about the cabin. The perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics is achieved through large windows, angled touch screens, and carefully selected beige finish.


Challenger 350


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Challenger 350 features the most intuitive cabin technology in the industry. Stay connected with the world below through the available high-speed connectivity. The Challenger 350 has one of the industry’s most advanced cabin management system (CMS), with all the controls at your fingertips. Screen a movie on the large monitors, listen to audio on the crystal-clear entertainment system, or just sit back and relax in the spacious seats. With exceptional performance and comfort, the Challenger 350 creates peace of mind for all travelers.

The Challenger 350 features the lowest direct operating costs in its category. The affordable maintenance programs and cost-effective maintenance intervals compliment with the aircraft’s superior performance, state-of-the-art technology, and a spacious cabin room.

Private Jet Charter
The factory-new Challenger 350 is part of Latitude 33 Aviation’s growing fleet of aircraft available for jet charter. Joined by six other pristine super midsized aircraft available for charter, the Challenger 350 can provide non-stop flights from New York City to Van Nuys, Orange County (John Wayne Airport) to Maui or Las Vegas to Honolulu non-stop. The Challenger 350’s luxurious cabin area is a perfect extension of your home or office. With a seating capacity of nine passengers, this factory-new aircraft is perfect for private jet flights for you and your favorite guests. Ready to experience a factory-new super midsized aircraft? Contact Latitude 33’s concierge charter department for arrangements.

Jet Factory Acceptance Program
Latitude 33 Aviation has a three-phase process created to guarantee clients are accurately represented throughout the entire jet acquisition process.

During the Pre-Delivery phase of the Jet Acquisition process, Latitude 33 Aviation sets up the RVSM application, completes the warranty documentation and post-delivery support.

Latitude 33 Aviation Challenger 350

During the Delivery Day phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s representative is onsite for the On the Ground Aircraft Technical Inspection. During this inspection, the representative completes a comprehensive nose to tail inspection, looking for cosmetic, manufacturing or installation defects. During this phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s representatives and pilots complete the In the Air Flight Test. The In the Air Flight Test is designed to evaluate handling qualities, test all systems, and validate performance parameters.

The final phase of the acquisition process is the Post Delivery Support. During this phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s team works with the manufacturer to facilitate warranty claims and ensure they deliver on post-delivery factory remediation for outstanding issues found at delivery.

To learn more about Latitude 33 Aviation’s Factory Acceptance Program please visit:

Jet Factory Acceptance Program

Contact Us:

E: AircraftSales@L33Jets.com

P: 800.840.0310

For further information about the Challenger 350

Please visit:

Bombardier’s Website

For acquisition information visit:

Latitude 33 Aviation: Jet Acquisition

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Bombardier Challenger 300 Available for Charter
Bombardier Challenger Available for Charter

Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to introduce its newest super-midsize aircraft available for private jet charter, the Bombardier Challenger 300. This high-performing aircraft is ready to accommodate your next private charter flight. An expert in managing light jets, Latitude 33 Aviation further expands its expertise into the super-midsize category with the addition of Challenger 300 charter capabilities. Based minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at Hawthorne Airport, Latitude 33 Aviation is ready to accommodate your next private jet charter flight in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Sophisticated & Transcontinental – The Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 provides the leading edge of technology, comfort, and convenience. With a stand-up cabin of over six feet, and comfortably holding nine passengers, traveling across the country has never been more pleasant.

The luxurious and pristine Challenger 300 includes eight leather seats, with an additional seat available in the enclosed lavatory. In addition to exceptional comfort, the aircraft is equipped with a galley (complete with microwave and coffee maker), a fully enclosed lavatory, and widescreen LCD monitors. Work efficiently onboard with ground-based Wi-Fi. The Bombardier Challenger 300 is also equipped with a large in-flight accessible baggage compartment able to fit skis, golf clubs, and luggage.

CL300 Latitude 33 Aviation

The Bombardier Challenger 300’s transcontinental range and runway capabilities provide access to remote airports. The large seats make for productive work areas and business meetings. The fully furnished snack bar is customized to your needs and desires. If you need any special arrangements, catered meals, or any in-flight services, Latitude 33 Aviation’s concierge charter department can happily arrange them.

Challenger 300 N286JR Exterior

As one of the most popular aircraft in its category, the Challenger 300 combines luxurious comfort, exceptional performance, reliability, and outstanding operating costs. Its superior long-range cruise speed allows for non-stop trips from Los Angeles to Montreal and can travel to Europe, from various locations in the U.S., with one stop. The newest addition to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet perfectly complements other exquisite jets available for charter.

View our fleet page for additional information about our aircraft.

Latitude 33 Aviation charter is available 24/7 for any custom flights and trips. Contact our concierge charter department at 1-800-840-0310 or email charter@L33Jets.com.

Contact Us 24/7: 800.840.0310 or Charter@L33Jets.com

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Spacious and Upgraded – Citation XLS+ is SOLD!

August 27, 2018 – Based at the John Wayne airport (KSNA) in Orange County, this pristine Citation XLS+ has been sold!

For more information please call (800) 840-0310 or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

April 16, 2018 — Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to showcase this 2012 Cessna Citation XLS+ for sale. See full details below, for more information call (800) 840-0310 or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

PDFPDF Spec Sheet – Click/tap here to view

Based in a climate-controlled hangar at KSNA airport in Orange County, CA, this pristine Citation XLS+ features 4G WiFi and will be ADS-B compliant prior to delivery. Professionally managed and maintained, N1985H is ready for viewing and immediate delivery.

Airframe Total Time Since New: 2,125
Landings Since New: 1,815
No Damage History

Engine 1 Serial Number: DF0237
Total Engine Hours: 2,125
Total Engine Cycles: 1,815
TBO: 5000 Hours
Enrolled on PowerAdvantage+

Engine 2 Serial Number: DF0238
Total Engine Hours: 2,125
Total Engine Cycles: 1,815
TBO: 5000 Hours
Enrolled on PowerAdvantage+

Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 Flight Deck
Four (4) 8′′ x 10′′Active Matrix LCD Displays
ADS-B Compliant (To be installed prior to delivery)
Dual FMS-3000 w/WAAS/LPV (Software Version 4.0)
DBU-5000 Data Loader
Dual GPS-4000S SBAS Receivers
Dual NAV-4500 Navigation Receivers
Dual DME-4000 DME Receivers
NAV-4000 ADF Integrated ADF Receiver
L-3 GH-3000 and L-3 EHSI-4000 Electronic Standby Instruments
Dual Collins AHC-3000 Attitude Heading Reference System
Dual Collins VHF-4000 Transceivers with 8.33 kHz Spacing
Dual Digital Audio Control Panels
Dual RTU-4000 Integrated Radio Tuning Units
Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Doppler Color Weather Radar
XM Weather Satellite Weather Data Service
WX-1000E Stormscope
TAWS Honeywell Mark V EGPWS (Class A) w/RAAS
Collins TCAS-4000 TCAS II w/Change 7.1
Dual TDR-94D Enhanced Mode S Diversity Transponders
L3 FA2100 Cockpit Voice Recorder
L3 FA2100 Flight Data Recorder
Artex C406-N3 ELT

Additional Equipment
GoGo ATG-5000 WiFi*
*GoGo Avance L5 (4G) WiFi (June 2018 Installation date, pre-paid)
Aviator 300 Worldwide WiFi
A 14” Rosen Flight View Moving Map System located in the right-hand forward cabinet
SATCOM: AirCell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telecommunications System
Phone: AirCell Axxess II Telecommunications System with Cockpit Handset and Two (2) Cabin Handsets
Cockpit Mute Switch
Cockpit Temperature Control
EASA OPS-1 capable
RVSM Capable
Avionics Dispatch Ground Power
Collins Maintenance Diagnostic System with Maintenance Data Recorder
Davtron Pilot Digital Clock
Pilot Angle of Attack System
EROS Full-face Mask – TBC
Standby Engine Instrument Display
Cockpit Monorail Sun Visors
110 VAC Universal Electric Outlets (3)
Crew Sheepskin Seat Covers

Year Painted

Excellent Condition – Overall White with Blue, Gray and Black Accent Stripes.

Year Interior

Excellent Condition – 9 passenger interior with forward side-facing 2 seat divan. Features mid-club seating and 2 rear forward facing chairs in Townsend Leather and cream color trim. Also features a LH forward refreshment center and a belted aft RH lavatory. Cabin dividers with sliding doors and mirror. High Gloss Mahogany wood veneer cabinetry with Satin Smoke Nickel hardware. LH/RH side ledge executive tables. Headrest slip cover pillows. Indirect lighting.

Inspection Status
Cessna Maintained
Current Part 135
Enrolled & Fully Paid on PowerAdvantage+, AuxAdvantage, ProParts

Additional Information
Specifications subject to verification by Buyer. Aircraft subject to removal from market at any time without notice.

Please call

View all of our private jet aircraft for sale here.

Contact Us 24/7: 800.840.0310 or Charter@L33Jets.com

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Flying to New Adventures – 2006 Citation CJ3 is SOLD!
Citation CJ3 for Sale - N181KA - Latitude 33 Aviation

August 06, 2018– Only on the market for a short time, this exquisite CJ3 has been sold! Congratulations to the new owners of this popular, and loved Citation CJ3.

For further information about jet acquisitions and jet sales please call 800-840-0310 or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

July 3, 2018 (originally posted May 1, 2018) — For sale exclusively by Latitude 33 Aviation, this new to market Cessna Citation CJ3 is ready for its next owner. This beautiful 2006 Citation CJ3 is equipped with a custom 8 passenger interior (new in 2017), including Bravo/Encore style stairs, a side facing seat, and flushing belted lav. An Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi system installed July 2018 along with WAAS, ADS-B, and a Garmin 725. The cabin features 110v power outlets for convenient electronic device charging, and an AvVisor Moving Map display for in-flight position tracking. The exterior is in excellent condition and features a Matterhorn White top, black metallic bottom and tail with Strawberry Pearl and Starlight Silver metallic accent stripes to give this aircraft an impressive ramp presence. A comprehensive Inspection Document 22 completed July 2018 at the Citation Service Center in Doncaster, England.

Perfect to take you to your next relaxing vacation or productive business meeting, this Cessna Citation CJ3 for sale is ready for viewing and immediate delivery. For more information, view our website, call 1-800-840-0310, or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

PDFPDF Spec Sheet – Click/tap here to view

Airframe Total Time Since New: 3,309
Landings Since New: 3,316

Engine 1 Serial Number: 141161
Total Engine Hours: 3,309
Total Engine Cycles: 3,316
TBO: 4000 Hours

Engine 2 Serial Number: 141172
Total Engine Hours: 3,309
Total Engine Cycles: 3,316
TBO: 4000 Hours

Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 Flight Deck w 3 8′′x10′′ LCD displays
FMS-3000 WAAS Version 4.0 / GPS-4000S (SB525B-34-19 R2) Providing LP/LPV/LNAV/VNAV Navigation
ADS-B (SB525B-34-26)
Garmin 725 GPS/FMS
Collins 4000 TCAS II with Change 7.1
Landmark 8000 TAWS
Collins WXR-800 Radar
Artex C406-N ELT
Dual Collins VHF-4000
Dual Collins NAV-4500
Collins DME-4000
XM WX Receiver
Cockpit Voice Recorder (Provisions Only)

Additional Equipment
Iridium GO! – Supports Voice and Data Communications on Up to 5 Smartphones, Laptops or Tablets (Includes Voice Calls, Email Access, Texting, Photo Sharing, Social Networking GPS Tracking & SOS Alert)
Jeppesen Electronic Charts
Bravo/Encore Style Entry Steps
Precise Flight Pulselight Interfaced to TCAS
AvVisor Plus 8.4” Cabin Display Located in the LH Forward Cabinet
110 VAC Universal Electric Outlets
42 AMP Hour Lead Acid Concorde Battery
Pilot’s Angle of Attack Index
Crew Sheepskin Seat Covers
RVSM Capable

Year Painted

Very Good Condition – Refurbished in 2017. Split base with Matterhorn White on the top, Black Metallic bottom and tail with Strawberry Pearl and Starlight Silver Metallic accent stripes.

Year Interior

New 2017 by Eagle Aviation – 8 passenger interior, including a forward side seat, a center club arrangement, two aft forward facing seats, and an aft LH belted flushing lavatory. This custom interior features Aeronautica Bisque Leather passenger seats with brushed aluminum hardware and Aeronautica Sandstone crew seats with Bamboo Sheepskin inserts. Both are beautifully complemented by Tapis Seashell Alcantara upper sidewalls and headliner, Tapis Meringue Woven Leece lower sidewalls and RedRock Tussah carpeting.

Inspection Status
The following Inspection Documents were completed July 2018 at the Cessna Citation Service Center in Doncaster: Document 05, 08, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 35, 38, 40

New pre-coolers installed May 2017 at the Cessna Citation Service Center in Greensboro.

Additional Information
Specifications subject to verification by Buyer. Aircraft subject to removal from market at any time without notice.

Please call

View all of our private jet aircraft for sale here.

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Latitude 33 Announces 50 Percent Growth in 2017
San Diego Private Jets and Private Plane Sales 2017 Results - Latitude 33 Aviation

April 3, 2018 – Latitude 33 Aviation experienced remarkable growth in 2017. All three business units (aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft management, and private jet charter) grew year over year, with a 50 percent increase in charter hours flown.  Some highlights include:

  • Total aircraft assets under management increased to $157 million
  • $68 million in aircraft (jet and turboprop) sales and acquisition transactions completed
  • Nearly 11,000 hours of flight time accumulated throughout the year
  • Expanded mid and super mid-sized aircraft portfolio with the addition of an Embraer Legacy 500 and Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Los Angeles private jet charter operations grew with the addition of Orange County/Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport charter base
  • ARGUS Platinum safety rating was achieved, placing Latitude 33 in the top 5% of all U.S. based charter operators
  • Local outreach program was launched to help raise $50,000 for community organizations
  • Friendly Flier awarded by Van Nuys Airport for the fourth consecutive year in recognition of outstanding flight operations


New Citation CJ4 Business Jet - Latitude 33 Aviation Growth in 2017

While growth in 2017 was expected to exceed previous years, the combination of unparalleled customer service, additional factory new aircraft added to the fleet, and industry tailwinds helped 2017 become a record-breaking year.

Latitude 33 Aviation has always offered bespoke aircraft brokerage services, but last year marked the expansion of the aircraft sales and acquisition division with the addition of a full-time sales team. When aircraft owners are looking to move up in aircraft capacity and capability, they choose Latitude 33 Aviation to oversee the sale of their current aircraft and acquisition of their next jet because of the company’s specialized industry experience. Unlike many other aircraft brokers, Latitude 33 Aviation does not just buy and sell aircraft – it manages, operates, and maintains a large fleet of jets which provides the company with in-depth operating knowledge of each specific jet.

The company has also developed close relationships with major business jet manufacturers such as Cessna/Textron, Embraer, and Bombardier. As an operator who accepts and operates many factory-new aircraft on an annual basis, Latitude 33 Aviation is regularly recommended by manufacturers to prospective aircraft owners or current owners who are looking for professional aircraft management services.

Read the story of  Latitude 33 Aviation’s first 10 years

Latitude 33 Aviation 10 Year Story


In becoming San Diego’s only ARGUS Platinum safety rated private jet charter company, Latitude 33 Aviation continues to demonstrate its commitment to constant improvement to its clients, aircraft owners, and partners. Although the company has a perfect safety record, it wanted to raise the bar and challenge itself to meet the most stringent standards in the industry. In doing so, Latitude 33 Aviation became one of the few qualified operators that meet the standards to provide supplemental flight support to some of the world’s most well-known private flight companies.

For more information about private aircraft ownership or to book your next flight, call 800-840-0310 or email charter@L33jets.com

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Beautiful Citation M2 Available for Private Jet Charter
Beautiful Citation M2 Available for Private Jet Charter N686JH

March 22, 2018 – We are proud to announce another stunning new aircraft has been added to our charter fleet. This 2013 Cessna Citation M2 is now available for luxurious private jet charter services. Based in sunny Carlsbad, California (perfect for San Diego and Los Angeles private jet charter flights), this light jet provides the flexibility and efficiency needed to get you where you need to go. Managing the largest and newest fleet of light jets in the United States and the most Citation CJ3s in the world, Latitude 33 Aviation is the expert in light jets. It is no surprise the new owners of this exquisite aircraft chose Latitude 33 Aviation to handle the aircraft acquisition, acceptance, and final delivery process.

Style, Comfort, and Features Galore

With seating for up to six passengers, a private belted lavatory, and spacious leather seats, traveling with family and friends is an experience unlike any other. The Citation M2’s elegant Carbon interior design and comfort define traveling in style. Stay connected with high speed WiFi while you enjoy the view from eight large passenger windows.

Crowd Pleaser

A favorite among private fliers, the Citation M2 provides efficient flying with low operating and maintenance costs. This new light jet has a maximum range of 1,540 nautical miles and cruising speed of 464 miles per hour. Perfect for business trips and meetings, this aircraft was manufactured for efficient and convenient travels. Saving time and money, country singer and pilot Dierks Bentley flies the Citation M2 to perform at his concerts and back home to his family.

Bring the Extra Luggage

Bring your favorite shoes, tennis rackets, luggage, ski equipment etc. and store them away in the spacious baggage compartment. Designed for safety and a certified single pilot, the Citation M2 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin G3000 Integrated Avionics System. Easy to access diagnostics and weather management systems reduce pilot workload and increase safety. Redefine your travel requirements and book your next trip in our newest Cessna Citation M2.

View our fleet page for additional information about this aircraft. If you need a last-minute trip, we regularly have special one-way deals.

Latitude 33 Aviation charter is available 24/7 for any custom flights and trips. Contact our concierge charter department at 1-800-840-0310 or email charter@L33Jets.com.


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Cessna Citation CJ3 Added to Latitude 33 Fleet
Beautiful Cessna Citation CJ3

March 14, 2018 – Another beautiful Cessna Citation CJ3 has been added to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet of aircraft available for charter. With midnight black and vibrant red stripes, this stunning jet compliments the rest of Latitude 33’s fleet perfectly. This 2009 Cessna Citation CJ3 is efficient, convenient and dependable for any trip. The new aircraft is based out of McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California, and joins Latitude 33’s existing fleet of light, mid, and super mid-size jets.


The Citation CJ3 is the backbone of Latitude 33 Aviation’s large fleet for a reason. Voted “Best of the Best” in its category, this aircraft is a crowd pleaser for passengers and pilots alike. Although it is a light jet, it features extra leg room for you and your guests. The custom carpets, handcrafted wood cabinetry, engineered seats for comfort and high fashion fabrics set the standard for travel experiences. The details in the Citation CJ3 accompanies your style for all flights. Go beyond expectations for business meetings and work travels.

In this Cessna Citation CJ3, all guests will be comfortable. Friends, family, and colleagues have access to six executive seats embroidered with beige leather. Newly refurbished in 2017, this aircraft is ready to elevate your travels. Change your office views and work productively next to one of the many large windows.


Take your entertainment to the next level with movies, games, music and more. This aircraft is equipped with high-speed internet, making it easy and convenient to stay connected to the world below. The forward galley area allows you to enjoy the refreshments and meals of your choice, and a private, fully-enclosed, flushing lavatory is easily accessible in flight. Pilot or passenger, fuel your passion for flying with our new Citation CJ3.

Latitude 33 Aviation manages the newest and largest fleet of light jets in the U.S. 16 late-model aircraft are available for charter and ready for your next trip. Explore the fleet page with aircraft ranging anywhere from four to nine passengers and locations in Carlsbad, Van Nuys, Hawthorne, Fresno, Orange County, Long Beach, California. Latitude’s one-way deal flights offer last-minute trips to anywhere in the United States. Latitude 33 Aviation has the service, crew, and private jets ready to accommodate your travel plans.

Enjoy your own private flight tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our concierge charter team will gladly accommodate your special requests and make your trip a pleasure. Contact us today to book your next travel experience.



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New to Market 2003 Cessna Citation CJ1 for Sale

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This aircraft has sold and is no longer available.


March 6, 2018 — This excellent condition 2003 Citation CJ1 ready for delivery to its new owner. See full details below, for more information call (800) 840-0310 or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

PDFPDF Spec Sheet – Click/tap here to view

Always hangared, this beautiful, low-time CJ1 is in excellent condition. Based near Myrtle Beach, SC, it is ready for viewing and immediate delivery. Underwent an extensive $30,000 “Total Assurance” Pre-Purchase Inspection at the Mesa Citation Service Center in October 2016, which included the optional Gear corrosion inspections. U.S. based, no known damage, spends every night in a private, temperature controlled hangar.  Serial number 525-0510, registration N814SP.

3901 Total Time, 3241 Landings, ProParts

Engines #1 & #2: 3901 Total Time & 3206 Cycles
Fully Paid Engine Program with 100% JSSI Coverage

Two Tube Pro Line 21 Display
Universal UNS-1L FMS
Dual Garmin 530s (16 watt) w/8.33 spacing
Dual Garmin GTX-327 Mode C Transponders
Permanent Data Transfer Unit
Safe Flight N1 Computer
Safe Flight Angle of Attach Indexer
Collins ALT-55B Radar Altimeter
Collins RTA-800 Weather Radar
HF Provisions
Voice Annunciator
L-3 LandMark TAWS
BFG Skywatch HP
Three Frequency C406-2 ELT
King KR-87 ADF
King KMR-675 Marker Beacon
King KN-63 DME
Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch

Additional Equipment
Ski Tube
110V Outlets in Cabin and Cockpit
50 cu. Ft. Oxygen
Precise Flight Pulselite System
Monorail Sun Visor
Indirect Interior Lighting
Devore Tel-Tail Logo

Year Painted

New 2010 – Overall Matterhorn White with Gold, Dark Green and Burgundy Stripes. Excellent condition.

Year Interior

New 2010 – Fire blocked six-passenger interior with traditional tan leather seats in a center club configuration featuring a forward right-hand sideways facing seat and an aft belted flushing lavatory. Left-hand forward deluxe refreshment center, dual executive tables and wood veneer cabinetry with standard silver hardware finish. All wood just completely refurbished October 2017. Parchment colored headliner and Kalogridis carpet. Excellent condition.

Inspection Status
All items current
Inspection Document 10 due June 2019
Fully Paid JSSI Engine Program with 100% Coverage

Additional Information
Specifications subject to verification by Buyer. Aircraft subject to removal from market at any time without notice.



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