2018 Challenger 350 – Factory Acceptance and Private Jet Charter

Challenger 350 Latitude 33 Aviation

Latitude 33 Aviation Accepts 2018 Challenger 350

Redefining the super-midsize category, the Challenger 350 is the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade. Optimally balanced and designed for a smooth ride from takeoff to landing, Latitude 33 Aviation welcomes this 2018, factory-new Challenger 350 to its private jet charter fleet.

About the Aircraft
Based in Orange County, Latitude 33 Aviation’s Challenger 350 is now available for charter and operates full range with full fuel, and at full seat capacity. The best flat cabin in its category, the Challenger 350 offers both a flat floor and in-flight access to the baggage compartment.

Elegance at every seam, the world-class design of the interior features Bombardier’s signature metal trim, foldout tables, and class-leading comfort. A spacious and open cabin is available for you to lie down, stretch out, and safely move about the cabin. The perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics is achieved through large windows, angled touch screens, and carefully selected beige finish.

Challenger 350

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Challenger 350 features the most intuitive cabin technology in the industry. Stay connected with the world below through the available high-speed connectivity. The Challenger 350 has one of the industry’s most advanced cabin management system (CMS), with all the controls at your fingertips. Screen a movie on the large monitors, listen to audio on the crystal-clear entertainment system, or just sit back and relax in the spacious seats. With exceptional performance and comfort, the Challenger 350 creates peace of mind for all travelers.

The Challenger 350 features the lowest direct operating costs in its category. The affordable maintenance programs and cost-effective maintenance intervals compliment with the aircraft’s superior performance, state-of-the-art technology, and a spacious cabin room.

Private Jet Charter
The factory-new Challenger 350 is part of Latitude 33 Aviation’s growing fleet of aircraft available for jet charter. Joined by six other pristine super midsized aircraft available for charter, the Challenger 350 can provide non-stop flights from New York City to Van Nuys, Orange County (John Wayne Airport) to Maui or Las Vegas to Honolulu non-stop. The Challenger 350’s luxurious cabin area is a perfect extension of your home or office. With a seating capacity of nine passengers, this factory-new aircraft is perfect for private jet flights for you and your favorite guests. Ready to experience a factory-new super midsized aircraft? Contact Latitude 33’s concierge charter department for arrangements.

Jet Factory Acceptance Program
Latitude 33 Aviation has a three-phase process created to guarantee clients are accurately represented throughout the entire jet acquisition process.

During the Pre-Delivery phase of the Jet Acquisition process, Latitude 33 Aviation sets up the RVSM application, completes the warranty documentation and post-delivery support.

Latitude 33 Aviation Challenger 350

During the Delivery Day phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s representative is onsite for the On the Ground Aircraft Technical Inspection. During this inspection, the representative completes a comprehensive nose to tail inspection, looking for cosmetic, manufacturing or installation defects. During this phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s representatives and pilots complete the In the Air Flight Test. The In the Air Flight Test is designed to evaluate handling qualities, test all systems, and validate performance parameters.

The final phase of the acquisition process is the Post Delivery Support. During this phase, Latitude 33 Aviation’s team works with the manufacturer to facilitate warranty claims and ensure they deliver on post-delivery factory remediation for outstanding issues found at delivery.

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