10 of the Best Long Range Private Jets

When choosing a private jet, you’ll need to consider more than the speed of flying privately if you wish to embark on long-range flights. Whether on a worldwide adventure or embarking on intercontinental travel to seal crucial business agreements, you require swift and uninterrupted travel in a jet that can handle extensive travel.

Long-range private jets certainly redefine travel convenience as they can take you to places that light and short-range private jets cannot while enabling nonstop travel across continents, which means shorter travel times and enhanced overall efficiency.

Understanding Long-Range Private Jets

Before examining some of the best long-range private jets, it is essential to understand that there are factors and variables to consider, such as variations in flight range and the type of amenities and features found on the different jets.

Defining Range Capabilities

Long-range private jets can certainly fly further than most other jets. Although they have range capabilities that typically depend on fuel and engine capacity, there are an array of scientific factors and others to consider. For instance, the range is affected by weather conditions, wind speed and direction, traveling speed, temperature, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage.

Features of High-End Long-Range Private Jets

The best long-range private jets combine the quality of flying with advanced functionality, and many of these jets offer numerous outstanding features to elevate your overall flying experience and safety. Though the exact features can differ from aircraft to aircraft, these noteworthy jets may provide the following, in addition to their long-range capabilities:

  • Luxurious amenities: Many private jets offer spacious interiors that you can customize and that feature premium furnishings such as fully reclining seats and personalized cabin lighting. Depending on size, some jets may include a refreshment station, dining area, lavish bathroom, and personalized service.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Apart from Wi-Fi, seamless connectivity, convenient gadgets, and state-of-the-art entertainment features, these jets have advanced navigational and communication systems.
  • Enhanced safety measures: Your private jet will likely feature collision avoidance technology, advanced weather radars, emergency response systems, advanced fire suppression, and many more features.

The Best Long-Range Private Jets of Today

The benefit of most long-range jets is that they provide many of the same benefits as smaller jets, such as greater maneuverability and being able to travel to smaller runways with less infrastructure. The following are some of the best long-range private jets you may wish to choose from when purchasing your private jet.

1. Bombardier Global 8000 — Approximate Range: 8,000 NM

The Bombardier Global 8000 is the longest-range private jet, on our list, with an impressive flight range of roughly 8,000 nautical miles (NM) and a transcontinental cruise speed of Mach 0.92, which makes it unrivaled by all private jet options. This jet, with the fastest, furthest, and arguably smoothest flight, also offers lower cabin pressure, superior cabin filtration, and a four-zone cabin.

2. Gulfstream G700 — Approximate Range: 7,750 NM

The Gulfstream G700 private jet is known for its larger cabin size of 2,603 cubic feet, which can comfortably fit 19 passengers and up to 25 people. Depending on conditions and weight, the G700 can rival the Global 8000 in range and speed, reaching a maximum speed of Mach 0.935. You will also enjoy the spacious interiors with up to five living areas.

3. Bombardier Global 7500 — Approximate Range: 7,700 NM

If you want the benefits of the Global 8000, then the Bombardier Global 7500 will not disappoint with nearly the same flight range, the same four-zone cabin you can customize, a full-size kitchen, and a crew suite. This ensures that the 14 to 19 passengers remain comfortable for your 17-hour flight, accompanied by the Bombardier’s Soleil lighting system to help combat jet lag.

4. Gulfstream G650ER — Approximate Range: 7,500 NM

The Gulfstream G650ER private jet is undoubtedly a noteworthy addition with its three living areas, a maximum speed of Mach 0.925, and seating for 19 passengers. It is a fast, reliable, and highly versatile aircraft with one of the longest ranges on the market. The average flight duration for this private jet is between 12 and 16 hours before refueling.

5. Gulfstream G650 — Approximate Range: 7,000 NM

For those looking to experience all that the Gulfstream G650ER private jet has to offer but with a slightly shorter range, the G650 is the perfect option. The aircraft can carry up to 18 passengers, but one would limit it to 15 people for the best comfort. It also has various utilities such as inflight luggage access, Ka-band high-speed Wi-Fi, and a fully enclosed aft lavatory.

6. Gulfstream G550 — Approximate Range: 6,750 NM

The Gulfstream G550 private jet is one of the best long-range private jets due to its versatility and uncompromising performance. Even though it is an aging breed, this long-range jet has a cruising speed of Mach 0.80 and a customizable interior with space for up to 19 passengers. It includes ample storage and safety features such as a triple-redundant flight management system, a heads-up display, and an enhanced vision system.

7. Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X — Approximate Range: 6,450 NM

The Dassault Aviation Falcon 8X has a range of 6,450 NM and an average flight time of 14 hours, with up to 12 to 16 passengers on board. It is quite an upgrade from the previous Falcon 7X, as it is faster, lighter, and has a slightly larger internal cabin. The jet offers a wide array of layout customization and is noted for its sound reduction technology and advanced non-stop communication and connectivity.

8. Boeing Business Jet 2 — Approximate Range: 5,500 NM

If you want something larger than your average long-range private jet, then the customized version of the 737-800 airliner — the Boeing Business Jet 2 — surely offers precisely what you want. It has a shorter range of 5,500 NM yet still operates at Mach 0.82 and can comfortably accommodate up to 50 passengers. It has a spacious cabin with a luxury interior with cutting-edge technology and amenities such as a conference room.

9. Embraer Praetor 600 — Approximate Range: 4,018 NM

Despite a shorter range than many others on this list, the Embraer Praetor 600 has much to offer, including a cruising speed of Mach 0.80 and a passenger capacity of eight to 12 people. It can also accommodate lie-flat seats and includes large windows and advanced connectivity to ensure uninterrupted connection. The galley has more than enough space in its generous baggage compartment.

10. Cessna Citation Longitude — Approximate Range: 3,500 NM

The Cessna Citation Longitude can carry a maximum of 12 passengers and has a range of 3,500 NM — it is a super-midsized business jet with a fair transatlantic range. One bonus about this jet is that it offers lower operating costs than many others on this list while offering superior comfort, a quiet cabin, and a wireless cabin management system.

Purchase or Charter a Private Jet With Latitude 33 Aviation

Choosing the right long-range private jet for your personal or business needs is imperative, and there are different routes to purchasing a private aircraft for long-range and short-range travel. Depending on your travel preferences and requirements, one of these top 10 contenders could best fit you. However, talking to the crew at Latitude 33 Aviation, with our industry knowledge and commitment to client satisfaction, can ensure you get the assistance you need.

We can help determine the right private jet for your needs, whether for private jet charters or personalized guidance and service with assistance with aircraft acquisition. For further information on our services and offerings, or to discuss the chartering and purchasing process, contact Latitude 33 Aviation today!

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