Tax Credit for Jet Purchases

Private citizens and businesspeople have shown an increased interest in the private jet industry over the past few years due to certain governmental actions, namely the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) implemented in 2017. This is a federal income tax that can provide several benefits to new private jet owners, but these benefits are time sensitive and set to expire.

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What Does an Aircraft Management Company Do?

While large companies with several aircraft tend to employ corporate flight departments that manage aircraft operations, these departments may not be practical for small- to medium-sized businesses or individuals. This is where an aircraft management company comes in. At Latitude 33 Aviation, we offer private jet management services that give you the benefits of a flight department without the exorbitant cost.

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The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

Whether sampling exquisite wines with friends, taking your family on a beach getaway, or experiencing a new culture, taking time for vacations is important for your well-being. Consider the benefits of taking a vacation and disconnecting from your office responsibilities.

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Wet, Dry, and Leaseback — Understanding Private Aircraft Leases

Aircraft valuation helps owners, buyers and sellers determine the fair market value of their jet. Certified appraisers know how to determine the value of a plane accurately. Their valuations produce the most accurate appraisal possible, and a certified appraiser can effectively evaluate the elements that influence an aircraft’s true value.

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