Latitude 33 Aviation Becomes Signatory Carrier Under Visa Waiver Program

Signatory Carrier Visa Waiver Program - Latitude 33 Aviation

November 9, 2017 – Last month, Latitude 33 Aviation, LLC proudly became an authorized Visa Waiver Program Signatory Carrier, making it eligible to transport Visa Waiver Program (VWP) travelers. This simply means that as a private operator, the company has the same privileges as scheduled commercial airlines to transport eligible passengers in the United States without valid U.S. visas who are traveling under an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

When traveling privately with operators that are registered at ‘signatory carriers’, travelers can enjoy flying in and out of the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. “As a private jet charter company, we see every day how travelers coming to the United States from other parts of the world enjoy the convenience, privacy and luxury of traveling privately in U.S. based jets,” said Michael Giesbrecht, Director of Marketing and Business Development. “This authorization is significant because it adds an additional level of convenience for our clients and aircraft owners. It is an invaluable asset to the organization. Now our international clients can easily enjoy a trip to Mexico’s beautiful beaches or a ski trip to Canada.”

Many international visitors to the U.S. who wish to fly privately initially arrive in the U.S. on international commercial flights under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses the ESTA to pre-screen Visa Waiver Travelers before they leave their countries. The ESTA process is quick and ESTA applications can be processed online in seconds, although 72 hours is recommended, in case an authorization is denied.

Eligible Countries for ESTA Travel

The main advantage of the Visa Waiver Program is being able to travel to the U.S. on short notice, without obtaining a Visa. Beginning in 2009, anyone entering the U.S. under the VWP must hold an approved ESTA Travel Authorization. In order to qualify, a traveler must be a citizen of one of the following 38 participating countries:

Travel under the VWP is eligible if travels relate to tourism, business, transit, healthcare or short study programs (non-credit). Visitors may stay for 90 days in the United States and may be able to travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or the islands in the Caribbean without being required to obtain a visa.

With a Signatory Carrier Operator, flying under ESTA and the TSA’s Visa Waiver Program is Easy!

Managing the newest and largest fleet of light jets in the U.S., Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to be a private aviation industry leader. For more information about eligibility to fly under the Visa Waiver Program, contact us at or 1.800.840.0310.

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