Factory New 2020 Bombardier Challenger 350 – Available for Charter at CRQ

Latitude 33 Aviation's Bombardier Challenger 350 for Charter in Carlsbad Exterior

Based at Latitude 33 Aviation’s Headquarters at CRQ

Meet the factory new Bombardier Challenger 350 based in sunny San Diego & available for charter

Latitude 33 Aviation's Bombardier Challenger 350 for Charter in Carlsbad Interior
Latitude 33 Aviation's Bombardier Challenger 350 for Charter in Carlsbad Interior


This factory new 2020 Bombardier Challenger 350 is based at Latitude 33 Aviation’s headquarters at McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ) in Carlsbad, California. This aircraft joins Latitude 33 Aviation’s 2009 Challenger 300 based at CRQ, making two super-midsize aircraft available for charter at Latitude 33 Aviation’s headquarters. Located in Southern California, the hub of all travels, this Challenger 350 makes for the perfect aircraft for coast-to-coast flights nonstop. With a maximum range of 3,200 nautical miles, you’re able to fly from Carlsbad, CA to New York, NY nonstop. Request a quote in Latitude 33 Aviation’s 2020 Bombardier Challenger 350 for your upcoming travels.

Latitude 33 Aviation's Bombardier Challenger 350 for Charter in Carlsbad Interior


Latitude 33 Aviation manages one of the newest and largest fleets of light, super-midsize, and heavy jets in the nation. With over a dozen aircraft on their charter fleet, Latitude 33 Aviation is guaranteed to have to right type of aircraft capable of taking you to and from your desired destination. Flying private allows you to travel on your schedule and your terms by avoiding the hassles of flying commercially. The benefits of chartering a private jet with Latitude 33 Aviation are endless. Experience the flexibility, convenience, time savings, and privacy by requesting a charter flight quote in our 2020 Bombardier Challenger 350 based out of Carlsbad, California.



Latitude 33 Aviation’s private jet factory acceptance program has been thoroughly designed and adapted to ensure that our customers receive the most perfect aircraft possible. Latitude 33 Aviation recently factory-accepted two Bombardier Challenger 350s and a 2020 Pilatus PC-12 NGX that are now all available for charter. Our experienced professionals provide transportation, testing, and inspection services that can give you peace of mind when buying a jet. Our three-phase process starts well before the delivery day and continues until well after, representing and protecting our clients every step of the way. The three phases of our factory acceptance program include pre-delivery, delivery day, and post-delivery support. Latitude 33 Aviation guarantees our clients’ standards will be met at the time of the final delivery of their factory-new aircraft. To learn more about Latitude 33 Aviation’s private jet factory acceptance program, visit our jet acceptance page.


This aircraft is no longer available for charter.


For further information about the Challenger 350 visit:

Bombardier’s Website


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