Bombardier Challenger 300 Available for Charter
Bombardier Challenger Available for Charter

Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to introduce its newest super-midsize aircraft available for private jet charter, the Bombardier Challenger 300. This high-performing aircraft is ready to accommodate your next private charter flight. An expert in managing light jets, Latitude 33 Aviation further expands its expertise into the super-midsize category with the addition of Challenger 300 charter capabilities. Based minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at Hawthorne Airport, Latitude 33 Aviation is ready to accommodate your next private jet charter flight in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Sophisticated & Transcontinental – The Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 provides the leading edge of technology, comfort, and convenience. With a stand-up cabin of over six feet, and comfortably holding nine passengers, traveling across the country has never been more pleasant.

The luxurious and pristine Challenger 300 includes eight leather seats, with an additional seat available in the enclosed lavatory. In addition to exceptional comfort, the aircraft is equipped with a galley (complete with microwave and coffee maker), a fully enclosed lavatory, and widescreen LCD monitors. Work efficiently onboard with ground-based Wi-Fi. The Bombardier Challenger 300 is also equipped with a large in-flight accessible baggage compartment able to fit skis, golf clubs, and luggage.

CL300 Latitude 33 Aviation

The Bombardier Challenger 300’s transcontinental range and runway capabilities provide access to remote airports. The large seats make for productive work areas and business meetings. The fully furnished snack bar is customized to your needs and desires. If you need any special arrangements, catered meals, or any in-flight services, Latitude 33 Aviation’s concierge charter department can happily arrange them.

Challenger 300 N286JR Exterior

As one of the most popular aircraft in its category, the Challenger 300 combines luxurious comfort, exceptional performance, reliability, and outstanding operating costs. Its superior long-range cruise speed allows for non-stop trips from Los Angeles to Montreal and can travel to Europe, from various locations in the U.S., with one stop. The newest addition to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet perfectly complements other exquisite jets available for charter.

View our fleet page for additional information about our aircraft.

Latitude 33 Aviation charter is available 24/7 for any custom flights and trips. Contact our concierge charter department at 1-800-840-0310 or email charter@L33Jets.com.

Contact Us 24/7: 800.840.0310 or Charter@L33Jets.com

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Friendly Flying – Latitude 33 Aviation Receives Los Angeles Award for Fourth Consecutive Year
Friendly Flyer Awards 2018

July 11, 2018 – Los Angeles County is home to many domestic and international airports. Los Angeles International (LAX), Ontario International, John Wayne, Long Beach, Hollywood Burbank, and Van Nuys are the most commonly used airports in the county.

Latitude 33 Aviation manages aircraft based in cities throughout the U.S. and frequently performs flights into and out of Van Nuys airport. The private jet charter, executive jet management, and aircraft sales and acquisitions company headquartered at McClellan-Palomar Airport in Southern California, received the Friendly Flyer Award for achieving outstanding compliance with the Van Nuys Airport’s Fly Friendly Program for the fourth consecutive year.

Addressing the community’s concerns regarding jet aircraft noise in neighborhood areas, the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) established the voluntary Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program (QDP) for jet aircraft. In 2012, the “Friendly Flyer” Award program was created to recognize jet operators and efforts being made to achieve the highest level of compliance with mandatory noise regulations and voluntary noise abatement programs at Van Nuys Airport.

Since then, LAWA has updated the target noise levels and expanded the list of aircraft types to address Van Nuys fleet variety and reduce target noise levels.

The Friendly Flyer Award is presented annually to operators who meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • At least 60 southbound jet departures
  • No violations of the following:
    • Noise Abatement and Curfew Regulation
    • Non-Additional Rule
    • Noisier Jet Phase-out
  • 99% or greater compliance with the No Early Turn and the Quiet Jet Departure Programs.

The City of Los Angeles and the 29th Congressional District recognized the four-time Friendly Flyer Award winner for its dedication and commitment to honor and preserve the needs of the community. Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners member Jeffery Daar stated, “We congratulate and thank each of our award recipients for their commitment to quiet flying practices, which reduces noise and enhances the quality of life in our neighboring communities.”

“…reduces noise and enhances the quality of life in our neighboring communities.”

The Friendly Flyer program is regularly updated to expand the number of involved aircraft. Flora Margheritis, Van Nuys Airport manager, states the airport works in close collaboration with jet aircraft owners, operators, pilots, and airport tenants to achieve meaningful improvements.

Latitude 33 Aviation currently manages 30 private business jets located at airports along the West Coast and throughout the country. By offering all-inclusive services under one roof, the company has made itself the trusted partner for all things private aviation. As part of the top five percent of U.S. private jet charter operators to achieve the prestigious ARGUS Platinum safety rating, Latitude 33 Aviation continues to lead the industry with community involvement and educational initiatives that continue to grow year over year.

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Latitude 33 Announces 50 Percent Growth in 2017
San Diego Private Jets and Private Plane Sales 2017 Results - Latitude 33 Aviation

April 3, 2018 – Latitude 33 Aviation experienced remarkable growth in 2017. All three business units (aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft management, and private jet charter) grew year over year, with a 50 percent increase in charter hours flown.  Some highlights include:

  • Total aircraft assets under management increased to $157 million
  • $68 million in aircraft (jet and turboprop) sales and acquisition transactions completed
  • Nearly 11,000 hours of flight time accumulated throughout the year
  • Expanded mid and super mid-sized aircraft portfolio with the addition of an Embraer Legacy 500 and Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Los Angeles private jet charter operations grew with the addition of Orange County/Santa Ana/John Wayne Airport charter base
  • ARGUS Platinum safety rating was achieved, placing Latitude 33 in the top 5% of all U.S. based charter operators
  • Local outreach program was launched to help raise $50,000 for community organizations
  • Friendly Flier awarded by Van Nuys Airport for the fourth consecutive year in recognition of outstanding flight operations


New Citation CJ4 Business Jet - Latitude 33 Aviation Growth in 2017

While growth in 2017 was expected to exceed previous years, the combination of unparalleled customer service, additional factory new aircraft added to the fleet, and industry tailwinds helped 2017 become a record-breaking year.

Latitude 33 Aviation has always offered bespoke aircraft brokerage services, but last year marked the expansion of the aircraft sales and acquisition division with the addition of a full-time sales team. When aircraft owners are looking to move up in aircraft capacity and capability, they choose Latitude 33 Aviation to oversee the sale of their current aircraft and acquisition of their next jet because of the company’s specialized industry experience. Unlike many other aircraft brokers, Latitude 33 Aviation does not just buy and sell aircraft – it manages, operates, and maintains a large fleet of jets which provides the company with in-depth operating knowledge of each specific jet.

The company has also developed close relationships with major business jet manufacturers such as Cessna/Textron, Embraer, and Bombardier. As an operator who accepts and operates many factory-new aircraft on an annual basis, Latitude 33 Aviation is regularly recommended by manufacturers to prospective aircraft owners or current owners who are looking for professional aircraft management services.

Read the story of  Latitude 33 Aviation’s first 10 years

Latitude 33 Aviation 10 Year Story


In becoming San Diego’s only ARGUS Platinum safety rated private jet charter company, Latitude 33 Aviation continues to demonstrate its commitment to constant improvement to its clients, aircraft owners, and partners. Although the company has a perfect safety record, it wanted to raise the bar and challenge itself to meet the most stringent standards in the industry. In doing so, Latitude 33 Aviation became one of the few qualified operators that meet the standards to provide supplemental flight support to some of the world’s most well-known private flight companies.

For more information about private aircraft ownership or to book your next flight, call 800-840-0310 or email charter@L33jets.com

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Beautiful Citation M2 Available for Private Jet Charter
Beautiful Citation M2 Available for Private Jet Charter N686JH

March 22, 2018 – We are proud to announce another stunning new aircraft has been added to our charter fleet. This 2013 Cessna Citation M2 is now available for luxurious private jet charter services. Based in sunny Carlsbad, California (perfect for San Diego and Los Angeles private jet charter flights), this light jet provides the flexibility and efficiency needed to get you where you need to go. Managing the largest and newest fleet of light jets in the United States and the most Citation CJ3s in the world, Latitude 33 Aviation is the expert in light jets. It is no surprise the new owners of this exquisite aircraft chose Latitude 33 Aviation to handle the aircraft acquisition, acceptance, and final delivery process.

Style, Comfort, and Features Galore

With seating for up to six passengers, a private belted lavatory, and spacious leather seats, traveling with family and friends is an experience unlike any other. The Citation M2’s elegant Carbon interior design and comfort define traveling in style. Stay connected with high speed WiFi while you enjoy the view from eight large passenger windows.

Crowd Pleaser

A favorite among private fliers, the Citation M2 provides efficient flying with low operating and maintenance costs. This new light jet has a maximum range of 1,540 nautical miles and cruising speed of 464 miles per hour. Perfect for business trips and meetings, this aircraft was manufactured for efficient and convenient travels. Saving time and money, country singer and pilot Dierks Bentley flies the Citation M2 to perform at his concerts and back home to his family.

Bring the Extra Luggage

Bring your favorite shoes, tennis rackets, luggage, ski equipment etc. and store them away in the spacious baggage compartment. Designed for safety and a certified single pilot, the Citation M2 is equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin G3000 Integrated Avionics System. Easy to access diagnostics and weather management systems reduce pilot workload and increase safety. Redefine your travel requirements and book your next trip in our newest Cessna Citation M2.

View our fleet page for additional information about this aircraft. If you need a last-minute trip, we regularly have special one-way deals.

Latitude 33 Aviation charter is available 24/7 for any custom flights and trips. Contact our concierge charter department at 1-800-840-0310 or email charter@L33Jets.com.

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Cessna Citation CJ3 Added to Latitude 33 Fleet
Beautiful Cessna Citation CJ3

March 14, 2018 – Another beautiful Cessna Citation CJ3 has been added to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet of aircraft available for charter. With midnight black and vibrant red stripes, this stunning jet compliments the rest of Latitude 33’s fleet perfectly. This 2009 Cessna Citation CJ3 is efficient, convenient and dependable for any trip. The new aircraft is based out of McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, California, and joins Latitude 33’s existing fleet of light, mid, and super mid-size jets.


The Citation CJ3 is the backbone of Latitude 33 Aviation’s large fleet for a reason. Voted “Best of the Best” in its category, this aircraft is a crowd pleaser for passengers and pilots alike. Although it is a light jet, it features extra leg room for you and your guests. The custom carpets, handcrafted wood cabinetry, engineered seats for comfort and high fashion fabrics set the standard for travel experiences. The details in the Citation CJ3 accompanies your style for all flights. Go beyond expectations for business meetings and work travels.

In this Cessna Citation CJ3, all guests will be comfortable. Friends, family, and colleagues have access to six executive seats embroidered with beige leather. Newly refurbished in 2017, this aircraft is ready to elevate your travels. Change your office views and work productively next to one of the many large windows.


Take your entertainment to the next level with movies, games, music and more. This aircraft is equipped with high-speed internet, making it easy and convenient to stay connected to the world below. The forward galley area allows you to enjoy the refreshments and meals of your choice, and a private, fully-enclosed, flushing lavatory is easily accessible in flight. Pilot or passenger, fuel your passion for flying with our new Citation CJ3.

Latitude 33 Aviation manages the newest and largest fleet of light jets in the U.S. 16 late-model aircraft are available for charter and ready for your next trip. Explore the fleet page with aircraft ranging anywhere from four to nine passengers and locations in Carlsbad, Van Nuys, Hawthorne, Fresno, Orange County, Long Beach, California. Latitude’s one-way deal flights offer last-minute trips to anywhere in the United States. Latitude 33 Aviation has the service, crew, and private jets ready to accommodate your travel plans.

Enjoy your own private flight tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our concierge charter team will gladly accommodate your special requests and make your trip a pleasure. Contact us today to book your next travel experience.

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Latitude 33 Aviation Receives Los Angeles Award for Third Consecutive Year

July 20, 2017 – Latitude 33 Aviation was recently presented with the Van Nuys Airport Friendly Flyer Award for achieving outstanding compliance with the airport’s Fly Friendly program for calendar year 2016. Although the program has stringent requirements and only a small number of private jet operators flying out of the Los Angeles area airport qualify, this is the third consecutive year Latitude 33 Aviation has received the award.

The voluntary Van Nuys Airport Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program for jet aircraft was established in 1994 to address the community’s concerns regarding jet aircraft noise in neighboring areas. The annual Friendly Flyer Award program was established in 2012 to acknowledge those operators who complied with all noise abatement policies and procedures and achieved the highest level of success in adhering to the Fly Friendly/Quiet Departure Program.

The award winners were determined using the following criteria:

1. At least 60 southbound jet departures during 2017
2. 99% or greater compliance with the no early turn and the Quiet Jet Departure Programs
3. No violations of noise ordinances:

  • Noise abatement and curfew regulation
  • Non-Addition rule
  • Noisier Jet phase-out

This year’s winners were recognized at a luncheon at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys. As one of the few Argus Platinum rated operators, Latitude 33 strives to provide the absolute best of what the private aviation industry has to offer. This award demonstrates Latitude 33 Aviation’s commitment to being an outstanding community and industry partner.

Latitude 33 Aviation has aircraft available for private jet charter based at Van Nuys Airport, as well as Hawthorne, John Wayne/Orange County, Long Beach, Carlsbad/San Diego, and Fresno, California. Van Nuys Airport is dedicated to noncommercial air travel and is committed to being a good neighbor by continuing to require stricter standards for voluntary noise abatement measures.


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