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Private Charters To And From San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Formerly known as Lindbergh Field, the San Diego International Airport (SAN) is the most used commercial service single-runway airport in the U.S. Despite its popularity, when you charter a private jet with Latitude 33 Aviation, you’ll feel like the entire airport is all for you.

Our private jet charter service will pair you with an aircraft based on your travel needs. We’ll take care of the plans and logistics, securing a fair deal based on competitive rates.

If you use private jet charter services in San Diego for business ventures, you’ll find that SAN is optimal for the traveling executive because of amenities and services such as:

  • Drinks and dining: For an important lunch meeting or a quick bite to eat, SAN has everything you need with nearly 24 restaurants. Enjoy a glass of wine at Beaudevin Wine and Tapas Bar or a cup of coffee at Pannikin Coffee & Tea. Sit down for a meal of barbecue ribs at Phil’s BBQ or ground chuck burgers at Urban Crave.
  • Airspace Lounge: Get relaxed before your flight in this exclusive private lounge, where you can enjoy food and drink, Wi-Fi, and complimentary shower facilities.
  • Be Relax Spa: For even deeper relaxation, get a hairstyle, manicure aromatherapy session, juice drink, or similar treatment at the spa.

Whether you’re heading off on a much-needed vacation or traveling for important business matters, you’ll fly in style in a charter jet flight with Latitude 33 Aviation. In addition to avoiding the crowds and annoyances that are common on commercial flights, you’ll have the ability to set your schedule, have dedicated personal services in-flight, and jet off to any destination of your choice.

Private Jet Vacations and One-Way Private Jets in San Diego

Latitude 33 Aviation’s private charter jets occasionally fly without any passengers. These repositioning flights are necessary so that the aircraft can get back to its home base or prepare for the next charter flight. These “empty leg” flights provide a special opportunity for you to enjoy a private jet flight with an exclusive deal. Our currently available one-way flights are updated daily. If a flight lines up with your schedule, contact us and enjoy this one-of-a-kind trip with Latitude 33 Aviation.

Latitude 33 Aviation has a fleet of more than 30 light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets that can fly you all around the country. Some popular destinations include Las Vegas, Phoenix, Honolulu, and New York City. Unlike commercial airlines, we can fly into different airports and get you closer to your destination, keeping your vacation relaxing.

Our Selection of Private Charter Jets

Our selection of private charter aircraft in San Diego includes the following.

Very Light Jets (VLJs)

Our very light jets are our smallest aircraft available with room for four to six passengers, yet it has all the amenities you need for a comfortable flight.

Small/Light Jets

Our small jets have a slightly longer range and larger capacity than our VLJs. They also include more amenities, like a small refreshment center. We have many small jets available for charter flights, including:

• Textron Hawker 400XP
Cessna Citation CJ3/CJ3+
• Pilatus PC-24
Phenom 300
Cessna Citation CJ4

Midsize Jets

Our midsize jets are ideal for long transcontinental trips. You and your group of five to 10 passengers will enjoy the spacious interior and other amenities, like a private lavatory and in-flight work and productivity options. Our midsize aircraft options are among the best available, including:

• Textron Hawker 800XP
Cessna Citation XLS+
• Bombardier Learjet 60

Super-Midsize Jets

For lengthy, intercontinental trips, fly in our super-midsize jets. Designed for larger groups, these jets have many more features that ensure you’ll travel in luxury, like a large refreshment center and lie-flat sleeping options. The super-midsize jets in our fleet include:

Bombardier Challenger 350
Cessna Citation Sovereign+
Cessna Citation X
Bombardier Challenger 300
Cessna Citation Latitude

Heavy/Ultra Long-Range Jets

Our ultra long-range jets are the most elite aircraft we have available for private charter flights. Groups of nine to 16 passengers will benefit from amenities such as a flight attendant, full-service galleys, and conference rooms. Our aircraft options include:

• Gulfstream G-IVSP
Bombardier Challenger 605

Aircraft Management in San Diego

Once you’ve acquired your aircraft, you’ll need proper maintenance and management to keep it in optimal flying condition. Latitude 33 Aviation’s private jet management services have benefits such as:

  • Discounts on fuel, maintenance labor and parts, and insurance
  • Hangar negotiations
  • Trip concierge services

If you’d like to have your personal private aircraft based at San Diego International Airport, take advantage of our private jet management services. We’ll keep your aircraft in full operation, making sure it’s ready to fly when you are.

Private Jets for Sale in San Diego

Purchasing a private jet is a convenient option for the frequent traveler. If you prefer private airlines, want the freedom of traveling whenever and wherever you want, and desire the comfort of a jet that’s entirely your own, purchase an aircraft with the help of Latitude 33 Aviation.

Aircraft Broker in San Diego

Selling your private jet will be hassle-free with Latitude 33 Aviation. Our brokerage professionals have the experience you require so you can gain the most value from your private jet sale within the San Diego market and beyond. We’ll handle the market appraisal and plan as well as contract negotiations so that you can sell your jet for an exceptional value.

Latitude 33 Aviation’s jet acquisition service ensures you will find the ideal jet to purchase for your travels. Our professionals will handle every aspect of the process to maximize the value of your jet investment.

Learn More About Flying With Latitude 33 Aviation

Latitude 33 Aviation’s fleet of private aircraft ensures a comfortable and luxurious flight for all your travels. Plan your next trip by requesting a quote for a charter or booking a private jet empty leg flight with us.

For the convenience of flying by private jet, purchase an aircraft with the help of Latitude 33 Aviation or inquire about our aircraft management services.

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