Ownership of a private aircraft is a substantial investment. Whether the aircraft is utilized for business or pleasure, it can function as a valuable asset to the owner.

Paramount to such functionality is proper management. Latitude 33 works with each client to optimize aircraft safety and efficiency while maximizing the aircraft’s fullest operational potential. Our aircraft management program ensures professional guidance and service twenty-four hours a day. Aircraft owners also enjoy the fiscal benefits of fleet discounts, charter revenue and the vital support that comes when working alongside a team of industry professionals. With Latitude 33, you will experience the economic advantages of a customized management program resulting in long-term efficiencies and ultimately, an improved operating budget.

Our management program includes:

  • Fleet Fuel Discounts
  • Maintenance Labor and Parts Discounts
  • Hangar Negotiations
  • Fleet Insurance Discounts
  • Trip Concierge Services
  • Option to offset Costs through Charter
  • Sales & Property Tax Consultation
  • Accounting Services
  • FAA, ICAO Compliance
  • Aircraft and Flight Crew Scheduling
  • Aircraft Detailing



Our team’s aviation experience provides excellence in accounting specific to aircraft operations. Each charge is cross-checked to ensure proper billing and accuracy. Each month a detailed report-statement is prepared listing each and every cost and income item with respect to the aircraft. This monthly report-statement provides each aircraft owner with a detailed picture of every cost and income item related to their aircraft. Auditing is simple as all backup is provided on a monthly basis for complete transparency. Our monthly report-statement includes:

  • Single page cover sheet for easy viewing
  • Detailed breakdown and backup for each cost and income item
  • Crew expense report monitoring and approval
  • Invoice review and processing
  • Negotiation and procurement of all goods and services



Our crews are among the best-trained and most experienced professionals in the aviation industry. As company ambassadors to our clients, they are highly qualified to safely and professionally fly our clients anywhere in the world. Our skilled crewmembers take seriously their responsibility, career, and our company’s goal to achieve a higher standard. Our crewmember program includes:

  • Annual recurring state of the art simulator training at the finest training facilities in the world
  • In-house training for company specific items and adherence to our FAA approved procedures
  • Background checks for new crew candidates are performed and presented for owner approval
  • Stringent FAA required drug testing and medical examinations
  • Supplemental and part-time crew staffing availability