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Jet Brokerage Services

Our customers choose Latitude 33 for aircraft brokerage because they know that our turnkey approach to aircraft operations appeals to buyers. How we facilitate the sale:

  • Phase One: International market analysis and aircraft appraisal
  • Phase Two: Tailored marketing plan, focusing on your aircraft’s most desirable traits
  • Phase Three: Contract Negotiations and closing
  • Phase Four: Post sale support. L33 provides its entire portfolio of services to your aircraft’s facilitating a smooth transition and providing buyers peace of mind.

From Inquiry to Final Signature

At Latitude 33, we look at aircraft transactions from an operator’s point of view. We understand that value goes well beyond price and our experts know which details matter. The purchase or sale of an aircraft is a complex process with many pitfalls. Our team achieves better financial results through superior valuations and in-depth oversight of the process. Latitude 33 provides the guidance and expertise to make aircraft sales and acquisitions an enjoyable experience.

To learn more about Latitude 33, please contact us at 800.840.0310