Embraer Phenom 300

Latitude 33 Aviation Delivers Two Aircraft in One Week
Latitude 33 Aviation delivers two aircraft phenom 300 and citation xls exterior


Welcome aboard the two latest aircraft to join our charter fleet – Cessna Citation XLS+ and Embraer Phenom 300

We are excited to announce the addition of two aircraft that were delivered in the same week. Anyone who is casually watching the private aircraft industry or fully engaged in the process of buying and selling private aircraft understands the vast amount of time and energy it takes to deliver an aircraft to a new owner, yet alone to two at the same time. Latitude 33 Aviation’s finely tuned global aircraft sales and acquisition team handles every aspect of the jet acquisition process, starting with a detailed market analysis and ending with aircraft home-base delivery.

The two aircraft to join our fleet are a 2017 Cessna Citation XLS+ and a 2013 Embraer Phenom 300. Both aircraft are based out of Latitude 33 Aviation’s headquarters at McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ) in Carlsbad, CA and are currently available for charter.


The 2017 Cessna Citation XLS+ has a maximum range of 2,100 nautical miles and features seating for 8 passengers. With extra wide, full reclining leather seats, the cabin can transform from a workspace to a comfort lounge. The spacious interior allows for plenty of room for you and your passengers to move around the cabin with ease. This aircraft is Latitude 33 Aviation’s only midsize jet to be available for charter out of McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ).


The addition of the 2013 Phenom 300 makes this the fourth Phenom 300 currently under Latitude 33 Aviation’s management and the third based out of McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA. The Embraer Phenom 300 has a range of 2,010 nautical miles and features seating for up to 8 people. The fit and finish of this aircraft is top notch with neutral cool tones and features forward divan seating.

Latitude 33 Aviation delivers two aircraft phenom 300 and citation xls exterior


At Latitude 33 Aviation, we look at aircraft transactions from an operator’s point of view. We understand that value goes well beyond price and our experts know which details matter. The purchase of an aircraft is a complex process with many pitfalls. Our team achieves better financial results through superior valuations and in-depth oversight of the process. Latitude 33 provides the guidance and expertise to make aircraft acquisitions an enjoyable experience. No matter what stage of private aircraft ownership you’re in, our unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the marketplace make us the one true source for your private jet needs.


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Phenom 300 Available for Charter
Phenom 300 for Charter


Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to announce the latest addition to its private jet charter fleet – the Embraer Phenom 300. This addition is the sixth Phenom 300 Latitude 33 Aviation has added to its private jet fleet. With a generous cabin space, modern interior, and best-in-class cabin altitude, this Embraer Phenom 300 truly provides a satisfying private jet experience. The fresh 2018 exterior features a Matterhorn White base and Gloss Black striping. Based in San Diego, CA at Palomar Airport (KCRQ), this impeccable aircraft is ready for your upcoming charter flights.

Phenom 300 for Charter


Max speed – 453 ktas

Max range – 1,971 nm

Cabin – 324 cubic feet

Stores up to 12 bags

Seats 7 passengers



Satellite phone & radio

Video monitors & DVD player

Private lavatory with sink



New 2018 paint

Fully reclining seats

Two distinct temperature zones

Custom cabinetry

New style armrests


This Phenom 300 now flies among Latitude 33 Aviation’s fleet of Phenom 300s – the largest managed fleet of Phenom 300s in the world. With four Phenom 300’s available for charter in Carlsbad, CA, this latest charter addition has expanded Latitude’s capabilities in Southern California and beyond. Latitude 33 Aviation takes pride in the aircraft and the exceptional services provided to its clients. As the best-selling light business jet in the world six years in a row, Embraer’s Phenom 300 provides the unparalleled experience clients expect. When you book a private charter flight in a Phenom 300 with Latitude 33 Aviation, you will experience the highest level of luxury travel.


As part of our aircraft sales and acquisition services, Latitude 33 Aviation oversaw the entire aircraft acquisition, inspection, and acceptance process for this beautiful aircraft. After efficiently selling the aircraft owner’s Embraer Phenom 100 as part of our executive aircraft brokerage service, Latitude 33 Aviation scoured the global market to find the best possible aircraft for the owner’s specific set of needs.


Our private charter aircraft are conveniently based in Carlsbad, Orange County, Long Beach, Hawthorne, Van Nuys, and Fresno, California, for your private jet charter services. With nearly two dozen aircraft in our private jet charter fleet and the highest safety rating in the industry, we set the standard for private air travel.

Contact Latitude 33 Aviation’s concierge charter department for arrangements. Whether you are looking for a private jet rental in San Diego, air charter services in Los Angeles, or a private jet flight in Southern California or beyond, our team will get you where you need to go.

To learn more about Latitude 33 Aviation’s private jet charter offerings, please visit:

Private Jet Charter Travel Services

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Another Embraer Phenom 300 Available for Charter
Latitude 33 Aviation N66M

The Embraer Phenom 300 delivers the unparalleled class and sophistication you desire for your private travel needs, and Latitude 33 Aviation is proud to welcome the fifth Phenom 300 to its fleet. With a solid white base detailed with charcoal, red and black stripes, this Phenom 300 demands attention on the runway. Voted the best light jet in the world for four consecutive years, Latitude 33 Aviation’s 2017 Phenom 300 (N66M) is ready for takeoff. Based in San Diego, CA, this beautiful private jet is perfect for San Diego and Los Angeles Phenom 300 charter flights.

Fine Cabin Experience – The Phenom 300

Cutting edge technology and a large cabin space create the perfect ambiance for private travelers. The gray leather seating, wood cabinet finish, and gray carpet enhance your travel experience and comfort. Make important business phone calls and video meetings using the in-flight internet access and in-flight phone system. Unique for its class, this aircraft includes an externally serviceable lavatory, sink, and closing door for full privacy.

The Phenom 300 holds the best-in-class speed, range, and field performance. Equipped with the Prodigy Touch Flight Deck, the Phenom 300 provides the efficiency and functionality for single-pilot operation. The intelligent ergonomics and outstanding interior design enhance your travel experience. With innovative seats and upper tech panel along the aircraft’s ceiling, every inch of the Phenom 300 delivers efficient travels.

This 2017 Phenom 300 is the latest addition to Latitude 33 Aviation’s growing fleet of super-midsize and light jets. A favorite among private travelers, the Phenom 300 can travel from Las Vegas to Toronto, nonstop. From state-of-the-art avionics to its elegant interior, the newest 2017 Phenom to the Latitude 33 Aviation fleet is ready for your next private flight.

View our fleet page for additional information about this aircraft. If you need a last-minute trip, we regularly have special one-way deals.

Latitude 33 Aviation charter is available 24/7 for any custom flights and trips. Contact our concierge charter department at 1-800-840-0310 or email charter@L33Jets.com.

Contact Us 24/7: 800.840.0310 or Charter@L33Jets.com

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New to Market 2017 Phenom 300 For Sale
This aircraft has sold and is no longer available.


This exquisite 2017 Embraer Phenom 300 for sale (serial number 50500399) is in factory-new condition and ready for delivery. As the best-selling light business jet in the world for four consecutive years, our Phenom 300 is ready for your next departure. Based in a climate-controlled hangar in Carlsbad, CA, this gorgeous nine-passenger business jet is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, the Prodigy Touch Flight Deck, ATG 5000 Wi-Fi, comfortable and luxurious modern interior, and a striking red and white exterior. Professionally flown, managed, and maintained, this Phenom 300 is ready for viewing and immediate delivery.

See below for details. For more information, please call: (800) 840-0310 or email AircraftSales@L33Jets.com.

700 Hours Since New
425 Landings

Engines #1 & #2: 700 Total Time & 425 Cycles
Pratt & Whitney Engines
5,000 hr. TBO

Prodigy Touch Flight Deck (Garmin G3000)
Synthetic Vision
Triple 14.1″ Interchangeable Garmin Displays
Flight Management System (FMS) with graphical flight planning
RVSM Capable

Year Painted

New 2017 – Snow White base with Sea Red and Light Grey accents

Year Interior

Spacious cabin for up to nine passengers, this pristine custom interior is equipped with the largest windows in its class. This Phenom 300 for sale provides the largest-in-class refreshment center designed with a Corian Sandstone countertop. Passenger seating for nine including a forward side-facing divan for two, four forward club captain chairs, two forward-facing aft captain chairs, and an enclosed belted lav. The exceptional custom interior features Eagle leather passenger seats and tastefully appointed with Crescent Gold cabin trim plating. Both are beautifully complemented with Corian Sandstone countertops, Porcelain Ultraleather sidewalls and ceiling, and Cerimony with silk premium carpet throughout. All woodwork appears factory new with a high-gloss veneer. Equipped with a forward, left-hand refreshment center and multiple power outlets throughout the cabin.

Inspection Status
All items current

Optional Equipment
Upgraded Mode S Transporters (TCAS II Compliant)
2nd Mode S/ADSB-Out Transporter with Diversity (TCAS II Compliant)
Radio Altimeter
Ice Detector
Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
TAWS Class A
Ground Clutter Suppression and Turbulence Detections (Radar)
Surface Watch
Belted Toilet
Lav Sink
Hot Jug
Inflight Entertainment Package
Cockpit Floodlights
Cockpit Sheepskin Covers
Sunshade/Sun visor
Package 1 (Left Hand Refreshment Center + Side-Facing Divan)
Gogo Biz with Text and Talk (ATG-5000)
Aft Mirror
Additional Power Outlets (Std/Divan)
Premium Passenger Door
Life Vests for 11 Seats
Crew Portable Breathing Equipment (PBE)
Smoke Goggles
77cu ft. Oxygen Bottle
Design Weight Increase

Additional Information
Specifications subject to verification by Buyer. Aircraft subject to removal from market at any time without notice


Please call.

Contact Us 24/7: 800.840.0310 or Charter@L33Jets.com

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