Private Air Charter Services in Southern California

Southern California has many popular commercial airports, including Carlsbad Airport (CRQ/CLD), San Diego International Airport (SAN), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Long Beach Airport (LGB), and Van Nuys Airport (VNY). When you board a private charter flight with Latitude 33 Aviation at these airports, you’ll experience comfort, relaxation, and privacy that commercial flights cannot offer.

Our jet charter flights in Southern California are catered to your every need. Let us take care of the logistics and planning, so you can begin preparing for your business meeting or unwind with refreshments during your flight. Your excursion with Latitude 33 offers:

  • A distraction-free environment: Your charter is for the entire aircraft, meaning that you and your guests will enjoy the amenities. Our crew is prepared to tend to your every need for your utmost comfort.
  • More destination options: Latitude 33 can fly into more airports than commercial airlines, allowing you to arrive closer to your destination.
  • Flights on your schedule: Every detail of your private aviation flight with Latitude 33 is based on your schedule. Providing you the flexibility and convenience you need.
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Our Selection of Private Charter Options

Latitude 33 Aviation offers luxurious aircraft and ultra-tailored services to make your private jet charter experience smooth and seamless. We manage one of the largest and newest fleets of light, midsize, and super-midsize aircraft in the nation, all of which are in pristine condition. Our charter aircraft options include:

Very Light Jets (VLJs)

Our very light jets are designed for short trips and smaller runways. It may include a lavatory but amenities are limited.

  • Ideal for short trips and runways
  • Usually 4-6 passengers
  • Range – about 1,000 miles

Small/Light Jets

Our small jets are also ideal for short trips and offer more features for passengers, including a small refreshment center and a private lavatory. Examples of light aircraft available for charter include:

Midsize Jets

Our midsize jets are suitable for groups of five to ten passengers. This aircraft option comes with many beneficial features, like a spacious interior and a private lavatory. Aircraft within this category include:

Super-Midsize Jets

Our super-midsize jets are one of our more spacious aircraft options with room for eight to ten passengers. It includes many luxurious amenities, such as lie-flat sleeping options and a large refreshment center. Our super-midsize aircraft are:

Heavy/Ultra Long-Range Jets

Our ultra long-range aircraft are the epitome of luxury flying. These jets are ideal for 9 to 16 passengers and are equipped with the most elite features not present in our other charter options, such as a flight attendant, conference rooms, and full-service galleys. The ultra long-range jets in our fleet are:

Empty Leg and Private Aircraft Vacations to and from Southern California

Our jets occasionally must fly without any passengers to reach the starting location for a charter trip or to return to their home base on an “empty leg” flight. These flights present a one-of-a-kind opportunity and are an exclusive deal to enjoy a flight on a private jet at a lower cost. We update our available empty leg flights daily. If we have empty leg flights leaving from Southern California that are heading to your desired destination, contact us to book your charter flight.

Take private jet vacations from Southern California with Latitude 33. Let us take care of your scheduling and planning, including transportation to your hotel, so you can start your vacation in relaxation and comfort. We have access to smaller airports that commercial airlines cannot fly into, allowing you to get closer to your final location. Our popular vacation destinations include Las VegasNew York CityMaui, and Chicago.

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Aircraft Management in Southern California

The aircraft management services at Latitude 33 will ensure your jet is ready for takeoff whenever you need to travel. Our private jet management program will keep your aircraft efficient and operational. We also provide:

  • Aircraft detailing
  • Discounts on maintenance labor and parts
  • Accounting services
  • Discounts on fuel
  • Trip concierge services
  • Scheduling for the aircraft and flight crew

Hire the experienced professionals at Latitude 33 to care for your valuable aircraft.

Private Jets for Sale in Southern California

If you frequently fly private airlines in Southern California, save time and gain convenience by purchasing your own aircraft from Latitude 33. Our private jets for sale in Southern California have many features, so you can find an aircraft with everything you need. Ask our concierge management team for more information regarding purchasing an aircraft.

Aircraft Broker Services in Southern California

Sell your jet for its highest value with Latitude 33’s jet brokerage service. Our connections within the market of potential buyers in Southern California will ensure you get the best sale. Our expert team will handle every detail of the brokerage process.

Our jet acquisition service will help you find your ideal aircraft for the top value and expertly manage the process for your benefit. It is the best way to find the private jet you need with all the features you desire while maximizing your investment value.

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Learn More About Flying in Style With Latitude 33 Aviation

A private charter flight with Latitude 33 will change your standard for flying to and from Southern California. Plan your next trip with us today by requesting a quote for a charter flight or booking an empty leg flight.

For the convenience of a private jet flight anytime you wish, enlist the help of Latitude 33 to buy your own aircraft. With our aircraft management services, your jet will be ready whenever you are — request more information today.

Popular Airports We Serve

Flying with Latitude 33 gives you the freedom of many destination options. The most popular airports we serve in the United States include: